Where Are All The Decent Single Men Hiding?

Does it seem as if wherever you go, the nice guys, ESPECIALLY the ones you fancy, all seem to be taken? Either they are in a relationship, or ‘its complicated’ or they still haven’t let go of an ex and see you more as a ‘friend’. Worse, is if you are thinking “chance would be a fine thing!! I never seem to meet any decent, single guys!”


Well, they ARE out there, and, Shock! Horror! You just need to take a closer look.

I take it you have of course, made some effort to look? (You would be surprised at how this alone, helps!!)


There are loads of places to go and organisations to join and events taking place every day. Check them out, and sign up for the type of event that suits you, one where if you were to meet a guy there and get chatting, you would have something in common to talk about. For instance, if you enjoy salsa, (a great place to meet people, by the way!) or have never tried it before, but think it may be fun, then the guys you meet there will also be there because they also either enjoy it or think it may be fun too.


On your night out, actually go up and TALK to guys! It’s no good sitting huddled around a bunch of girls, or sip sipping drinks with the girlfriend you went with and then going home, thinking, well that was a waste of time.. Don’t expect the guys to single you out, and make a bee line for you whilst you just sit there looking gorgeous! You do have to make an effort. Remember, you are there to meet people – so go meet!


If you are shy, self conscious or find it difficult to do that, well then that’s a whole different issue, and one we’ll discuss another time. Just introduce yourself, be friendly and have something to say – usually something about the venue, the food, the atmosphere, how you know the host, something you can both start a conversation with. Sounds basic and common sense, but, surprisingly..not that common!


Oh, by the way, a lot of guys ARE decent!! You have to ask yourself how much can you tell about a person after a few minutes of chat? Sure, you will make first impressions, as they will about you, and if you are interested, you will need to make arrangements to meet up again, maybe through the same organisation or at the same place and venue.


If you believe decent single guys are hiding, recall your skills as an eight year old playing hide and seek…

1. you will find them sooner or later

2  they are probably in the most obvious place-take another look

3. look in the places where you would hide

4. get creative in your search

5. ask someone to help

6. If you give up, you will kick yourself, as it means you lose

7. you can’t win if you’re not playing

8. enjoy the game, laugh, it’s exciting, Have fun, have faith. 🙂



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