6 Top tips to get you moving when you feel stuck

Here’s my first video blog for you!

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Take some action and leave a comment below, specifically:

1. Which was your favourite tip?

2. What are some strategies you have for getting out of the slump?

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  1. My fav song to inspire me into action is The Script + Will.i.am – Hall of fame. It’s my “get out of a jam” song. Works a charm.
    As a web designer it’s important to continuously find inspiration + be inspired by other mediums. So taking time out to do other things – when I’m stuck is a real treat.

    • That’s awesome Theressa! Thx for commenting. I’ve had ‘edge of glory’ – Lady Gaga on a loop when I want that burst of energy, so yep, Tip 1: music- does work a treat!

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