To All The Beautiful Women

I have had a crazy few months (who hasn’t). When something unexpected and unwanted happens, we can feel really emotional; sad, angry, frustrated, or worse, tell ourelves we deserve it and blame ourselves. Unless this is handled in a healthy and supportive way, the only other way is destructive.

Quite timely, I wanted tot share this from Tony Robbins’ good friend and an excellent trainer, passionate about showing women how beautiful we all are, inside and out, and a lovely man who is on a mission to raise self-esteem in women and children especially.

I met him last year and am looking forward to an evening of his wisdom, insights and honesty, later this month. I can’t wait. This is exactly what Goodness Gorgeous Me is about. Beauty, it’s an inside job.

You look in the mirror, What do you see? You look in your heart, What do you feel? You listen to your inner voice, What is it saying? Chances are, you have been taught, influenced, and brainwashed into believing eveything that you are NOT, instead of everything you really are, which is,

Beautiful, Lovable, Likable, Smart, Attractive, Intelligent, Creative, Irreplaceable, Irresitable, and Unconditionally LOVED.
Your whole life is based on What you think, that is called Cause, everything else is the effects of what you think. Think about that today.

Gary King


To your goodness and your gorgeousness



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