Time for Beauty

What does success look like? Can you see it?

There is something about a man. What are the things you look for or notice right away?

When I asked this question, a multitude of answers came up (and why not post what you think in the comments section!) ranging from: shoes, his smell (I mean aftershave), watch, hair, hands, tatoos, overall dress sense, grooming…

So it made me wonder, what are the first things (apart from the obvious) that a man, or indeed a woman notices about you, and get a sense of who you are – at that moment of course.

I think nothing says more about elegance, than a watch. I haven’t worn a watch in a while (err, wonder what that says about me!) but I have a few beautiful pieces I really wanted and chose carefully.

When I saw this video below, it stirred something up inside me and now a Rolex is on my bucket list, for sure. Earning it, is the sexy part for me. Watch the video and tell me what you think.


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To your goodness and your gorgeousness

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