The secret to more time

This month has been amazing for me already. At the end of August, I was on a 6 day training with on the Gold Coast, Australia. It was incredible, about you and changing your story and co-creating your destiny – more than just goal setting or values, it went so much deeper and covered a day on relationships too. More on that in future posts. The days were long, with not much time to eat or sleep. It made me think about time.

I met some lovely people and it triggered my 30 day challenge, to do something Outrageous each day this month (I don’t mean running down the street naked! It’s MY definition of outrageous…a stretch out of my comfort zone. The challenge is going well, and I will update in my next post 🙂 Who’s joining me on the challenge by the way?

This talk was very timely and I wanted to share.. It’s an entertaining yet insightful keynote on being HOLISTIC and connected with your own wisdom and intuition in business. It’s under 50 mins so grab a cuppa, switch off everything else, be present and take in the lessons. It’s a powerful talk. Enjoy.

The secret to having more time?
Listen out for the definition of success. Inspirational. Comment below on your aha’s from the talk.

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