Spring Detox

For us in the northern hemisphere, March signifies spring. The days feel longer, mornings are brighter, we love it when the sun is out and the temperatures start hitting the teens. The promise of warmer days fills us with optimism and you literaly have more of a spring in your step!

It is also a time most people decide to do a clear out, suddenly you have nothing to wear, things around the house look cluttered and with the thought of summer holidays and getting back into shape motivates us to get out the juicer, head out for a morning walk or hit the gym. Anyone relate?

Detox, declutter… the Collins dictionary defines the prefix ‘de’ as:


— prefix forming verbs and verbal derivatives
1. removal of or from something specified: deforest ; dethrone
2. reversal of something: decode ; decompose ; desegregate
3. departure from: decamp

So it means change is afoot. The end of winter, of holding back to the start of newness, growth, freshness. With the start of a new season, you will see new colours, fashion, make up and style.

However you are going to enjoy spring, one thing I think is often overlooked, is decluttering the mind. Getting all the accumulated thoughts out, letting go of some things, appreciating their use and now creating space and making way for something new.

If there is too much stuff in your head, things become foggy, unclear. Imagine washing dishes in dirty water. Yeughh.. Clean water gives dishes their sparkle. So clearing your head will allow you to make better decisions and break cycles of monotony or confusion. Now, I will say this, cleaning up your diet and moving your body is actually more important, as the nutrients you feed yourself will release feel good hormones and make you feel better, so both go hand in hand. Unfortunately, when you feel foggy and your mind is cluttered, the brain kicks into survival mode and seeks carby-induced comfort foods, so with all the goodwill intended, reaching for that green smoothy isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

So how do you clear your head? Honestly, you have to add meditation into your routine. Your brain will fight it, and you may struggle to stay in state, but if you pre-plan it, have the intention, carve out the time and allow yourself to trust yourself, you will reap the benefits. Like anything, it is most effective when practiced regulary. New clothes, new make up will definitely make you feel good so enjoy a responsible shopping trip, but for a lasting cleanse, clean foods, meditation, fresh air and time to yourself has to be a routine you build in for you.

Are you doing too much? How much do you have on your plate? Has some of it been there so long it is rotten and actually harmful? What can you discard or hand over? Something needs to change and your body will give you the signal if you leave it for too long. Make a list of all the things you have got going on. If you had to let one go, what would it be? If you aren’t sure, ask a different question: is it taking you closer to your goal or away from? Go out in nature and ask yourself when you have no other distractions or demands. Ask yourself after a workout. Ask your subconscious mind before you sleep to find the answer for you in the morning.

Is it something you actually don’t care for that much, but you ego thinks you need it? Was it something you decided to do a while ago and just for a sense of completion are hanging on to it? Deciding to cut it away as it is no longer serving you is a very cleansing act, freeing and will give you a sense of release. Maybe the time for it has passed, or is yet to come. Right now is not the right time, so let it go.

By taking some time out to meditate and ask yourself powerful questions, will help your mind spring detox. Having a coach work with you and ask those questions will help gain clarity and help you feel lighter, more in control and happier. Why not contact me for a Discovery session? Try this short Spring detox meditation sequence:

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet, distraction-free space at a time you know you won’t be bothered or disturbed and turn off your phone..
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose. Relax your shoulders, allow all the tension to just melt away.
  • Take in another long, relaxing breath and just allow your thoughts to drift, or settle , being aware of the rise and fall of your chest and how comfortable you are feeling.
  • Imagine going inside you head. Imagine a mini you, a tiny you, inside your head, like going into an attic to give it a clean. Notice the old things, some of which you want to keep, some which you know are no longer needed and taking up space. Imagine a magic brush which can sweep away the old, no longer wanted things and create light, brightness and open spaces. Allow images of your desires and dream to come into this space. Notice how good it makes you feel and let out a deep, cleansing breath.
  • Come back to noticing your breath and the rise and fall of your chest. Breathe in life, the freshness of a meadow and breathe out the old cobwebs, stresses and worries. Enjoy a few more gentle breaths and notice how connected and pleasant you feel, with every breath you take.
  • When you are ready, slowly open your eyes. Gently look around you and with your heart full of love and gratitude, give thanks.

Meditation was the missing link for me. I tried to rationalise things, make lists, mindmap, you name it, and all very good strategies depending on how you learn, But all change happens at the subconscious level, and to access that part of the brain, you have to relax deeply and get into a meditative state. I highly encourage you to make this a regular practice, the above sequence is about 5 minutes in length. You have 5 minutes to invest in clearing your mental clutter, don’t you?

Let me know how you get on with the meditation, as always I love to hear what you think, so please leave your comments below! Step into March with a spring in your step!

To your goodness and your gorgeousness,

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  1. Such a helpful reminder, Farah!!

    My mind is in such a clutter right now! It’s actually preventing me from sleeping well at night (which obviously affects me the following day).

    I’ve tried meditation in the past, and it was difficult to relax. It’s something that has been on my mind and I should perhaps start small. I’ll give it a shot this weekend! Thanks a bunch!!

    • Hi Jennifer, you are welcome! It is one of those things a lot of people have difficulty with, you are not alone! We are so contirioned to ding, instead of being! I hope it helps, create an ambient atmosphere, you can even meditate in the bath! Will help you get a good night’s sleep for sure!

  2. Ahh…decluttering the mind! Such an under-rated treat that I so often forget about it. Thank you for the reminder. Off to meditate… xx 🙂

  3. Farah, this is such a great meditation. When I finish writing here I’m going to go take 10 minutes to declutter. Especially when I think I’ve meditated long enough I know that’s the cue to sit a bit longer! I like to semi-recline on a bolster with blocks under it so my back can relax and I can stay quiet longer. Thanks for sending me back to my cushion with a broom!

    • You are welcome Elyssa! We can form an attachment to things..but when it’s time to let go, it’s time to let go 🙂

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