Scent With Love

Are you floral, spicy or musky?
Of course what I’m talking about is perfume, scent and fragrances!

I went on an interesting workshop the other week, on learning about creating a personal fragrance and blending your own scents to create a unique fragrance!
Now, I don’t have a signature fragrance, at least I don’t think so. You know how some people have this distinctive fragrance, they wear the same scent all the time, or so it seems, or you can tell a certain perfume a mile off. That’s a signature fragrance. I have my favourites and tend towards floral and have bought the same scent more than once on many an occasion, but I love to try new ones too, so I don’t really think I have just one scent which is ‘me’.

I do love flowery perfumes though, usually for the day and love deeper, spicier scents for the evening and I often have at least 3 or 4 scents on my dressing table at any one time. I do love variety…

I love the packaging too. If it’s a pretty bottle, I’m interested! However if it’s too sweet or doesn’t seem to smell of anything on me then I won’t buy it. Hubby is usually a good indicator for me buying or not (if he like it, he buys it for me! Ya!).

The perfume industry is Big Business. Fragrances create a mood and a memory. Often certain smells remind us of someone, or a time and place, instantly we are transported. The industry knows this only too well and is constantly reinventing itself with different blends and marketing messages, and alternatives from a brand, creating a ‘light’ or ‘summer’ version of the same scent.

Classics always endure of course and as we mature and go through different phases of life, our choice of scent grows with us (hopefully! ‘Poison’, (original) huge in the 80s never was a favourite with me, but a friend at school wore it all the time (Angela. See! How memorable scents can be!) plus there was the cost and not really knowing any better, my first perfumes were generally influenced by an older sister/cousin/mum – all fragrances they chose had quite different personality to me at the time and its hardly something you can borrow discreetly without being found out!)

I learned blends have 3 ‘notes’, a top note – usually fresh, light, sharp or penetrating, quite ‘citrusy’ or ‘herby’, they give the initial impression, lasting a short while only. Then the middle notes – usually floral, lasting longer, about 2-3hours and give a warmth and fullness to the perfume. Finally, the base notes, heavier, deep, warm, ‘fixes’ and slows down the evaporation of the other notes. These ‘soul’ notes last 7-8 hours and can easily overpower the other notes if over used.

Fragrances are created using a combination of different scents and varying amounts in each of the notes. Essential oils are mixed with a carrier (we used unscented coconut oil) and is usually a large percentage of alcohol.

My unique creation “Faraway” (like what I did there J) wasn’t quite Mark Jacobs or Prada; however, it was fun to learn about and I feel I’m a little more knowledgeable now for when next out sniffing! (Of course, mastering a strategy to avoid the multitude of sprayers armed with 100ml bottles of the latest perfume house creation, ready to ambush you, is altogether another story)!



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