New Year Resolutions

How are you getting on with those new year resolutions? New year what?

Was one of your resolutions to meet the man/woman of your dreams?

What have you done to make that happen so far?

Here are a few tips to motivate you again, get out of the January blues and look forward to February, and we all know what that means!

1. Change just one thing ‘bad’ dietary. For example stop eating cheese, or stop having the biscuit with your tea. Replace what you are letting go with something like a handful of seeds instead. Keep a journal of your progress.

2. Chuck out the clothes which dont suit or fit you anymore. See what you can get , to wear this season, while the sales are still on.

3. Buy new underwear and throw out anything greying, ill fitting or losing its elastic. You will feel fab and sexy :)

4. Detox your make-up bag and buy something new. Try the latest eye make up techniques or shade of lippy. Heck, buy a new make up bag!

5. Get a trim, defuzz, go for a facial. Winter skin needs TLC and fresh healthy skin is always gorgeous

6. Let go of looking out for ‘your type’ and be open, friendly and interesting when meeting new people. Keep your options open.

7. Have something to look forward to. Have you started an interesting evening class, dance lessons, or joined a book club? Doing things you love makes you feel good, you are likely to meet people with similar interests and shows you are someone who wants to make the most of your life and is happy in your own skin.

8. Techology means we are often multi-tasking, looking down, tapping away on something or other. When was the last time you stopped, breathed in fresh air and noticed and appreciated what’s actually around you? Make time to slow down, switch off and smile.

This could be the year you meet someone special, why not? The world is full of people looking for love.

Look and feel as good as you can, give yourself care, appreciate what you see, breathe, stretch and look forward to another day. You never know what the day has in store :)



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