Mind the Age Gap

So is it a big deal to date a guy significantly younger than you (say more than 10 years) or one old enough to be your dad (or in some cases, your grandad) or is age irrelevant if you have met the right person? Can it last?

The Golden Globes were on this week and amongst the gongs, star gazing and outfits, the press are on the lookout for any dating goss.

Jennifer Lopez (43 and three times married) was there, looking happy with her toyboy in tow (so was her ex, P. Diddy). In the UK, ex soap-star Clare Sweeny (41)  recently announced her engagement delight to her boyfriend, 14 years her junior.

Clare told Hello! Magazine: “The reason I’ve never married or had children is because I take it very seriously and I hadn’t met the right person”.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2261763/Claire-Sweeney-engaged-toyboy-lover-14-years-junior.html#ixzz2Hy8pNOJp

So does age matter, especially if you are single  and in your 40s?

I think we live in an age where women are busy, busy, busy, very career focussed and can spend our 20s having fun, dating and think we have met ‘the one’ but too afraid to commit; our 30s absorbed in work, climbing the ladder and casually dating and generally expecting disappointingly more from the guy than we get; until we get to our 40s and it’s -’how did I get to 40 and still be single’?

We have never looked better, are confident, independent and really come into our own..  without consciously paying attention, we ooze sex appeal and the younger guy (who looks older  but is fit and is comfortingly more mature than we expect) appears in our life, offering genuine compliments, has time for us, is chilled and fun-loving, is successful in his own field, wants to wine and dine us and finally someone who treats us like a princess. A true life Prince Charming comes and sweeps us off our feet, loving us for who we are. No wonder these women snap up the opportunity to bag a toyboy!

Katie Price, Madonna, Demi Moore and Kylie have all been there and never looked better for it. They are all currently single now too.. (not sure about Kylie).

How long it lasts is, at the end of the day, I think all down to the usual relationships stuff. What you have in common, how you treat each other, and what you both want from the relationship. I think age, in this respect is irrelevant, but does play a part in these components and like any relationship, if it feels right, it’s right, if it doesn’t, well it isn’t. If it’s fun while it lasts, that can only be a good thing :)

A relationship is how you Relate to each other. Always a personal thing, and takes time to build and grow, the nicest thing to do is to wish any couple well and let them get on with it.



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