Meeting Tim Ferriss – Part 2

With December now upon us and 2013 drawing to a close, it’s traditionally a time for reflection, what worked, what is a work in progress and what needs working out!

Speaking of work, one of my highlights was meeting Tim Ferriss, author of the best seller “The 4 hour work week” a couple of weeks ago. As promised here are his “13 Quesions we need to ask yourself for Lifestyle Design: The 4 hour work week and Beyond” which I promised I would share with you here. Whether or not you have a business, these are thought provoking questions, and

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Here are Tim Ferriss’s 13 Questions. I’d love to know your take on it and what you think:

Q1. “What if I did the opposite for 48 hours?”

Q2: “What do I spend a silly amount of money on? What itch can I scratch?”

Q3: What would I do/have/be if I had $10 million?

a) What is my real TMI (Target Monthly Income)?

b) What is the actual amount I need per month for the list (wish list)?

Q4: “What are the worst things that could happen?”

Q5: What if I could only work 2hours a week on my business? What would I do with the rest of the time?

Q6: “What if I let them (your team) make decisions up to $100?

Q7: What if I went 100% at tradeshows, to get !00% online?

Q8: What if I couldn’t pitch my product directly?

Q9: “Do I need to make it back the way I lost it?”

Q10: “What if I could only subtract to solve problems?”

Q11: “What rules and systems would I need in place for a 4-8 week vacation?”

Q12: “Am I hunting antelope or a field of mice?”

a) What are the most uncomfortable items on the list

b) If I achieve this 1 to-do, would I be satisfied with my day?

c) What’s the 1 to-do which would render all the others unimportant on the list?

Q13: “Is achievement worth anything without appreciation?”


A few more nuggets:

  • Cut the noise.
  • Advances in technology mean there is so much which can now be outsourcer, preplanned, eliminated or leveraged.
  • He suggested building systems to deal with the non essentials on your time. (Time to hire a cleaner! Do the shopping online and listen to audio books!!)
  • Also get good at saying “no” and not a “soft no”.
  • Study the anomalies!
  • How do you judge which project to work on? It must be a “hell yes!”
  • Re social media, choose the vehicle which suits your personality. Chatter does not equal productivity!
  • Schedule exercise with other people
  • Surround yourself with people who know the stuff you are looking for.

His biggest message was to SIMPLIFY.


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It was a real delight to meet Tim; “The 4 hour work week” is one of those concepts we all strive towards – having more time to do the things we would love to do to give our life meaning. Hope you enjoyed reading about how to create your own 4 (ish) hour work week and it’s given you some food for though for the year ahead.

I’d love to know which points resonated the most, why not comment on this post and share with your friends.

Until next time,

To your Goodness and your Gorgeousness,

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  1. Great post! I am a huge Tim Ferriss fan. I love Qs 3 and 5. I use similar questions on myself and my clients often! Lots of great insights there. And I wholeheartedly agree with the nuggets! It’s nice to hear that I don’t have to master all social media platforms at once too… (that weighs on me) Thanks!

  2. Hi Farah!

    I like the question: “What if I could only work 2 hours a week on my business? What would I do with the rest of the time?” If I only had 2 hours a week to work, I’d probably be a lot more focused and productive in so many areas!

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