Meeting Tim Ferriss Part 1

I was so excited to meet Tim Ferriss last week, the author of  the must have “The 4 hour Work Week”, the New York number 1 best seller.

He gave an hour long talk to about 200 people, then there was an intimate breakfast with about 20 of us where there was also a Q and A.  If you haven’t read it, grab a copy 🙂 It descibes how to redesign your life to make it how you want it to be.


There were so many takeaways, I’ll share his talk and my thoughts over a series of 2 posts.

So many things resonated, and though some were Aha’s, most were reminders, so it’s good to know you are already on the path and we all have similar blocks and challenges, yet it’s what you do, how you deal with them which separates people.

First was something he calls D.E.A.L.:

D = Definition. Identify what you want

E = Elimination. Strive to solve problems by Removal first. Don’t add things. Take away.

A = Automation. Use technology. Delegate as much as you can.

L = Liberation. Mobility, not being tied to a fixed point. Time freedom is the goal for most people

I think this ‘deals’ with most of what my coaching is about! Know what you want, remove the blocks, set steps in place and systemise for success to get to your goals which have a great reason behind them, normally time freedom. Fantastic!

He also said the best way to control your thoughts is to ask questions. Be curious. Asking “what if..” implies you are open and searching for an answer to make sense of something. Truly, in order for something to reach the neo-cortex part of our brain (the newest part designed to make sense of our world, logic, questions, innovation, creativity etc) it has to go through the emotional part and the ‘what’s in it for me’ safety part of the brain. Now you are ready  for change.

What are some “What if..” questions you have about your life or any changes you want to make? What if you could get them answered and get your blocks cleared up? How valuable would that be to you?

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Tim also asks and talks about 13 “What if..”  questions…which I will share with you in part 2 🙂

For now, take advantage of a free strategy session with me if your thoughts are getting in your way of designing your life and how getting it out of your head can make a profound difference.

I’d love to know your thoughts – get them out by commenting on this post and share with your friends.

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  1. Hi Farah~ How great that you got some quality time with Tim! I had to write the DEAL acronym down so I won’t forget it. That really struck me as something I need to think about more often on my own path to time and location freedom. I can’t wait to read part two!

    • Thanks Erin! Yes, he really is smart at SIMPLIFYING – which was another core message. We do tend to over complicate things then wonder why things work out or don’t work out as they do! Part 2 will be ready soon 🙂

  2. Hmm .. I am going to have to think long and hard about this one .. I love the concept of asking questions in response to challenges … Byron Katie follows a similar kind of approach … Is that True?

    The What if? is definitely a good one when going through self ‘blaggering’ over mistakes I think .. when you run What if? over challenges handles differently you realise there are still no guarantees against making mistakes … thanx farah

    • Hi Meaghan! I guess there is a lot of overlap between though leaders and in fact, we all know this stuff, just need reminding every now and then and everyone will take it in the way which is best for them. We all make mistakes, it’s how we perceive those mistakes which makes the difference.Thanks for your great comment Meaghan!

  3. I love Tim’s focus on “elimination” – so often we think we need one more program or add more projects, when we are typically better off when we remove distractions and FOCUS. In this busy, busy day of multi-tasking, this is such a beautiful reminder!

    Thank you for sharing this experience and your takeaways, and I’m looking forward to your follow-up post with those “what if’s!”

    • Hi Sabrina! It is so tempting isn’t it, to add.. and somehow we fear taking away, when it really is the key. The “What if’s ” are very thought provoking too! I look forward to reading what you think on the follow up post 🙂

  4. Wow Farah! That must’ve been one seriously awesome breky!

    The’DEAL’ acronym is new to me + makes a lot of sense. Thanks for bringing a new theory into my hemisphere Farah x

    • Hey Theressa! You are welcome! It was a bit surreal watching him standing around casually chatting, (he ate watermelon 🙂 ) Tonnes more questions came to me later, particularly about his experiments with food/diet etc. Will share more next time!

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