Mayan End Of The World

So today, according to the Mayan calendar was supposed to be the last day of existence on earth, or so some believed. A great excuse for the mother of all parties and many did. The ancient site in Peru and local tourist board welcomed the influx of party-goers, mystics, new agers, and journalists!

Clearly we are still here!

So what does this have to do with relationships?

Well, a lot of loving was going on! Probably many break ups too!

If we turn this whole Mayan end of the world thing on its head, we can see it as an end of the old and a start of the new.

What are some things you can do which you have been putting off? Which relationships can you heal or let go of?

With 10 days left until the end of the year, why not aim for results instead waiting until the 1st January to make resolutions!

Start by telling those you love, you love them. Smile at strangers. Do good deeds. Go for a nice walk and look for the beauty all around you.

The Mayan calendar may have ended, but as long as you are here, make the most of each perfect day.



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