Digital Hoarder? Signed up for stuff you never look at? Read this…

I’ve gotta admit, Me too!!

I actually wrote in my journal a task for this week to find the emails where I had bought something last week and not yet downloaded it. How crazyyy is that! Is it just me or has anyone else ever done that?

Earlier today, a friend was asking for advise about re-starting a marketing course now, or waiting 5 months until it starts with a fresh batch of students and work along with them. She had a tonne of other things she is passionate about too and funnily enough they seem to pop up everywhere…  (clever Google 🙂 ).

What do you think I said?

Well, I think the time is now – but….

It’s not about The Thing and When. It’s about the WHY. Tweet it!

There is a heap of information out there, and it’s easier than ever to find what you need, literally at your finger tips. I have been guilty too,  in the past, of thinking, ‘this looks great! I must have it and I must have it now! And oh look how cheap it is, great value or free!” and so I hit the buy now button and  it sits, hidden on my mac somewhere, never to be opened, never to be utilised. The only transformation that happened was the transfer of cash from my account into theirs. Well, maybe it will get opened but it needs the same level of urgency to follow through as it did to hit ‘download now’. Just being honest! I have been there too!

Weird, you might think, I should be writing about this, as I too have fantastic things to offer, free and to purchase. As most products are instantly downloadable, I would say, if it resonates and you want it, then as soon as it gets downloaded, create a file and save it, and, here’s the bit that takes effort –  open it! Watch, listen or read it right away. Write a note in your planner to get through the material this week or set aside time. Don’t buy too many things and become a digital hoader (unless you are want to). It’s a surefire way to overwhelm,  procrastination and stuckness, ironically. The solution isn’t in clicking ‘download’ it’s when you open the link and do the work!

I think just the task of writing down the product I bought in my planner immediately,  then finding it on my desktop and getting signed in and actually spending some time looking at it will be time well spent. Then locking in that time, a little a day to get through it, distraction free, is key. I’m off to do that now. It was some meditations actually. Perfect to silence the chatter, be in the moment, align and be more productive. Yes, time well spent 🙂

Now, I don’t know if I have gone and shot myself in the foot here.. have I? What do you think? I’d love to know! I wonder, when you downloaded my free ecourse, or any of my products, reports or audios, did you hoard it for another time or did you open it right away? C’mon…Share your comments below.

Until next time,

To your goodness and your gorgeousness,




  1. Hi Farah! I so know what you are talking about, I tend to be a digital hoarder, too. Plus I have tons of books I want to read but for every book I actually manage to work through I buy another five that will just sit on my shelf for a while. But then again – when I DO take the time to work through my stuff, I don’t have to look or buy anything else anymore because I already have what I need :-). Thanks for the reminer to take hoard less and do more!

    • Hi Nathalie! Thanks for the comment, I too have books sitting around.. I love ebooks as I can get instant access and get reading them right away! It’s great to be access my online library because I know I have so many resources there. Hoard less, do more – exacty!

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