How to get smaller by growing

What I’m talking about is physical size. What it takes to melt the fat and the mindset needed to make it happen, hence the growth in personal achievement and pride.

The weight loss industry is experiencing a huge boom. Without obesity and diet related health issues, this industry would disappear.

Nearly everyone at some time would have tried some sort of diet, tried a new miracle food, tried giving up certain foods, tried fasting…tried tried tried. That’s why it didn’t work. Because you TRIED.

There is a big difference between trying and commiting. Weight loss requires a  great deal of commitment. As well as commitment; focus, consistency, determination and patience, are qualities required if you have weight to lose.

Trouble is, we put on weight mostly because of emotional reasons, where those traits do not exist. It’s a primal, survival instinct drawing us to the fridge, driving us to the drive-thru, dialing the local takeaway and drooling over the tv ads for cheesy pizza family deals and chocolate.

Analyse the emotional reasoning towards food and the result is better, more conscious food choices. Of course, eating is a highly enjoyable experience and when it is nutritious and delicious, there is no better feeling!

This is why it is a two way street when it comes to losing weight:

a) busting the emotional reasons behind the poor choices

b) building and boosting the muscle for focus, determination and commitment.

Quitting certain foods can make you feel miserable, without a brilliant, motivating reason overriding it. This is often what is missing. Or there is a goal, such as an upcoming wedding or party. The problem with this is, once the wedding or party is over, the goal has been reached and the motivation is over.

A real, lasting shift in mindset is what is needed first. Then you can make any change in life, such as lose weight. This is why I love NLP and hypnosis and personal development. It is crucial to get this first, in order for the changes to be sustainable. Getting to the root of the problem, whatever may come up, and clearing up the limiting beliefs and negative emotions, makes way for more self love (which may be something new!).

Self love, self respect and self esteem is the first and toughest lesson. Only then, does the eating plan and food choices and exercise and activity stand a chance.

I was one of those who went on an intensive regime before my wedding. I was exercising with a personal trainer daily and walking a lot, and think I gave up carbs or at least reduced the amount. Sure enough, I looked as perfect as I wanted to, yet after the wedding, once the target had been reached, and over the next year; the weight piled on, to probably the heaviest I have ever been. This is why I know just having a goal for weight loss isn’t enough.

Let me know a time you did lose weight and the motivation behind it. Or if you have been struggling, let me know, if you really dig deep, the reason and emotion behind it. Just even doing this and declaring your truth is a start to setting you free. Just leave your comments below.


Until next time,

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