How it works

Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy (And A Sprinkling Of Magic):


To help you get the transformation you are looking for, in any area of your life, I use a combination of various tools I have studied and mastered over the years, including Health Coaching and dietary theories, NLP, Huna, Quantum Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Time-Line Therapy, EFT, Alpha Dynamics, Meditation, The Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Hypnosis, Mind Mapping, Wealth Psychology, Personality Profiling systems, Neuroscience, Intuition and The Hero’s Journey.

IMG_3850Coaching – When was the last time you talked to someone about your health or relationship or dreams of financial freedom and received the personal attention you deserve?


You have a destination, different to here, you want to reach. Together, we look at where you are now, and where you want to be and blast out what has been holding you back. Deep questioning skills get to the root of the issue.

Your personality plays a part in how you do things naturally and we look at how to hone in your strengths to make transformation happen easily for you. Brainwave activity, meditation techniques, breathing, personality profiling and other tools are used in my coaching sessions, so you go deeper than just scratching the surface, and leave with lasting and real developments, moving you forward.

We do  a values assessment and realignment, so your goals are not only achieveable, and installed as already done, but you outdo what you thought was possible; and close the gap with a clear, do-able, enjoyable action plan and strategic steps to get you there, and celebrate the wins and of course, bags of support.

I can’t achieve your goals for you, lose weight for you, build your business for you or manifest your ideal relationship. You have to be committed to want change and do the work and be proud of your achievements. This is not about comparison. Run your own race and I will coach you to the finish.


DSCN2504NLP – powerful, fast tools to use language and self talk with greater empowerment, change negative self-belief, remove limiting blocks and get rid of all the stuff which subconsciously may have been holding you back and keeping you stuck. Release, let go and get in the flow. Then the path is clear for those action steps to be taken.


You may be battling with indecision and feel torn and need help and clarity to reach a conclusion. You may have food issues or habits you want to give up but have found it really hard in the past, to have to will power to giving it up. Maybe things just seem bad all the time and you don’t know why things don’t seem to go your way.

You may have set goals in the past and made little, if any progress in achieving them. Life may be pretty good, but you sense there is somethng better and want to get to the next level. You want the kind of success others are achieving but don’t have a blueprint. Would knowing an exact strategy help?

You may want to improve your communication skills and have more influence, creating rapport and have others beg you to tell them more! How do leaders do this?

NLP uses various precise processes, using signals from body and hypnotic language patterns to scramble the old beliefs and instal new ones, and have that changes last. Simple, effective, lasting and useful for everday issues that bother you or you want to improve, in all areas of life. It is really incredible. EFT and Time-Line therapy are also poweful tools used to clear blocks.


IMG_3856Hypnosis – is this is the best kept change secret? I think so! Stuck where you are, or do you tend to sabotage your success? Maybe it’s because you are still running old beliefs and patterns which are outdated and no longer serve you, in fact, they actively hold you back. The good news is, this CAN be changed!


We just have to improve communication with our subconscious mind, the place where we actually run the show. All change takes place in the subconscious mind. So this is where we need to go to make change happen. It’s perfectly safe, non-invasive and I promise you won’t be quacking like a duck or doing Elvis impersonations or go back to being 5 again.

This is a deeply relaxing technique where you are in control all the time, atuning mind and body, so indecision, confusion and self doubt is removed and what you DO want in your life is installed, for the changes to be long lasting.

Perfect for any concern in life,  examples include weight control, procrastination, self confidence, self worth, motivation, studying, enhance fertility, stress, sleep, presenting in public, health issues like quitting smoking or coming off sugar. Want to overcome a fear, such as water (and finally be able to swim? ) Hypnosis can literally be life changing. I also use basic kinesiology principles, breathing techniques and meditation.

Success is not all about money and power. It is a state of mind, and when you learn you can change your life by changing your mind, you can have the body you want, the love and intimacy you want, the financial abundance and time freedom you want. When you start doing things differenty, thinking differently, and are aligned with your purpose and vision, the life you want, now has a chance to manifest.


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A Little Bit of Magic – Ancient wisdom, intuition, imagination, alchemy. Using your own innate Superpowers, your Superconsciousness; a whole realm of possibilities become available to you.


Might sound a bit woo lala, but if you want extraordinary results in life, you won’t get it from the current level of thinking you are operating from. Einstein said something similar, and he knew a thing or two.

This is all about stepping into your greatness, into your zone of genius, into your innate knowing and wisdom, your superconscious. Employing your love and will to clear the fog and really step up.

I guide you through awareness of your current beliefs, strategies and reality to the dream, the vision, the creation, the end result you desire. What will become obvious, will be the action to take, to move you towards what you want. Focus creates reality.

This is a hugely profound, transformative, effortless tuning in to your greatness, playing with imagination and wondering ‘what if’.. and being amazed at the release of energy and drive as a result. Shivers..!!


What are you waiting for?

Unless your life is already pretty darn fabulous in all areas, we could all do with support, being heard and having someone believe in us and cheer us on. You deserve the life you want. You just might not know what that looks like, how to get there or what needs to shift or believe it can happen for you. It can.

Tap into my years of experience and training and let’s get your Goodness and Gorgeousness out there, even better than ever before 🙂


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