Our physical body is the house for our emotions. How we feel inside shows up in how we look, how we dress, how we express ourselves. How gorgeous do you feel on a daily basis? What does feminine mean to you?


If you’re a woman reading this, you probably grew up in a time of shoulder pads and power dressing, studied hard to get a great job, work hard and play hard, been in a relationship or two and may or may not have kids. Yet now, you want more. Something is missing. You’ve given your all to everything and everyone else and now it’s time for you. You wanna reinvent yourself and get back your mojo!


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Love and Self-Esteem


pic6aIt can be hard to overcome a painful past relationship. It can be frustrating to go on dates which lead nowhere. It can be unfulfilling to be in a relationship which has become dull or predictable. You might immerse yourself in you work to avoid facing relationship issues, you might overeat, that replacement for an emotiona hug, you may drink more than is healthy, watch too much TV, or be addicted to other distracting behaviour.

You get the drift. anything to avoid facing reality.

When we want change, we want to either change how we feel about something or someone or change a behaviour, something we do and wish we didn’t, or don’t do – and wish we did!

In a really competitive, fast paced world, we want change fast too. When it doesn’t happen, we get stuck in our ways, the comfort zone is familar and out of fear of failure or looking stupid, we stay where we are, doing the same things over and over, yet expecting a different result! The sign of madness!

For years I was in a rut, doing the same job, having the same friends, until I got to my 10th year as a school teacher. The thought dawned on me – I didn’t want to carry on doing this for the next 20 years  with just a cat for company (and I’m not a cat fan either!) . Too afraid of change to commit to relationships, too afraid to speak up and do something new, bold and  adventurous… I was even more afraid of a future with more of the same, so I knew I had to change!

But how?

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Shine your light

I had always been feminine but around extraverts I felt hidden. I played small and didn’t have much confidence, though I knew and really believed great things were in me. Afraid of looking stupid or being laughed at, I chose to keep safe by hiding away in loose clothing, mostly black, was a soft touch in relationships and lost money by being too trusting, not wanting a fuss or confrontation, just believing in karma…

The irony was, as a teacher, I was encouraging kids to have dreams, to think big, to set targets, to have goals to have ambition and exceed their potential.

I knew I was shining when I was teaching and believing in others, so where did I lose me? I needed to get back my mojo and take off that huge heavy coat I had buried myself under and burdened myself with and get back to some serious gorgeousness!


The answer I believe, lies in personal development. In neuroscience and spirituality. Bridging the gap between wanting and having and overcoming indecision, fear of not being enough and integrating the whole mind with the body and universal laws. Give yourself the chance to learn things school doesn’t teach you and neither does life. You have to go out there and seek the catalyst for change. Sometimes life deals you a blow and you are thrust into change whether you like it or not. Other times, when mediocrity is not enough, you have to search, invest, learn, apply and master the changes you are looking for. Then you can teach it to others, share your story and allow change for the better a step at a time.

Once I got in my flow and got in touch with my gorgeousness; and let go of all the crap which was holding me back, all the stories I was told and believed; once I enjoyed being me and knew I was enough and good enough; amazing things started to  happen. And continue to happen.

A lot of great opportunities come my way, from romances to wealth and speaking on stage around the world, to incredible friends and generous mentors, I gained a better understanding of people, nutrition and how we think. My spiritual journey deepened and I incorporated daily practices to set up my day. Best of all, I’m honoured I get to share this with you.

Life will never be the same again

 Here’s my 10 Top Tips for Gorgeousness: 








1. It’s not just about how you look. It’s the energy you are giving  off, it’s how you are radiating. Stand tall, smile, engage, remember you’re unique, beautiful and  have special gifts and talents to share just by being you. Nothing is sexier than confidence.

2.  To look great you need to think well, eat well, and, well, move! Exercise/intentional movement is a must, there is no getting away from it. Combine exercise with what you love; what you enjoy, from aqua aerobics to pole dancing to zumba, start it, move it, love it! Get out of the house and go for a stroll, give your brain cells a work out and visit a gallery, join a book club or a quiz team. Enjoy your own company, look up, be in a happy mood and appreciate what you see around you. Move, shift your body and mind.

3. Confidence comes from within and what you wear reflects how you feel about yourself. Wear clothes which fit you now. Don’t squeeze yourself  into clothes which are too tight, or hide yourself in shapeless baggy numbers. Don’t wait to be a certain size before you buy new clothes. Invest in a stylist, go to a personal shopper, get clothes tailor made or learn to make your own. You can look hot whatever your size, whatever the occasion so don’t wait to deserve a celebration, exclude charisma, confidence and sex appeal and celebrate you today and every day. New gorgeous undies make you feel amazing!

4. Learn how to be bold with a range of colours and tones in your wardrobe. Everyone can wear any colour – it’s the tone that matters, and how you dress it and accessorise. Find out if you are a ‘warm’ or a ‘cool’ with a thorough and personalized Colour Coaching Experience. Discover how certain colours lift you and flatter you, compared to others which drain you and do nothing for you. Find your ‘true colours’ and feel wonderful, confident, natural and excited about throwing out the old and having fun building a new wardrobe, the newer you.

5. You skin tells the story of your health. What you put inside shows up on the outside. As well as food, sleep, hydration, exercise and happiness, your skin needs repair and rejuvenation. We are bombarded by toxins every day, resulting in signs of ageing. Reverse those signs with the latest in skin care and nutritionals technology, working at a cellular level, repairing your DNA, restoring wellness and natural beauty, inside and out. Everyone loves a compliment and with good healthy, youthful skin, and people knocking at least 10 years off your true age (with no surgery, nips, tucks, fillers or other nasties), you will never be short of them! No-one wants to look older than their age! Whatever goes on our skin goes into our blood stream, so take a good look at your skin care products. Switch to a Youth Enhancement System which is all natural, halal and works perfectly with any skin condition, activating natural repair. Cutting edge medicine and stem cell technology meets beauty. Detoxing from the inside, having a clean diet, plenty of water, plenty of sleep, laughing and loving all helps.

6. How do you present yourself in public? Do you have to give presentations or speak on stage? Fear of speaking in public is actually the number 1 fear most people have, yes, scarier than spiders! As a speaker trainer, I can help you get your message across and banish this fear! We all have a message and speaking confidently is a great skill anyone can learn, whether  on stage, mingling at a party or at a meeting. Hiding behind an online profile can’t last! Speak up and stand out.

7. Self-esteem is the biggy here. How you feel about yourself. Don’t carry on believing what someone told you 20 0r 30 years ago. Being honest, truthful and healthily in love with yourself is your gift to the world, so shine brightly my friend. Healing, energy work and letting go of the past can work wonders subconsciously on your self esteem and transform you.

8. Know your personality type. Personality profiles such as Myers-Briggs, DISC and the Enneagram  are ones I have studied at length and learning ‘your type’ can great help you to understand why you find certain things a breeze and others like wading through treacle. Once you know yourself, you will smile and go “ahhh!! now it makes sense!” and will see shifts and make progress way faster. It also helps you understand others, very useful in romantic situations as well as work!

9. We all have masculine and feminine energy. Be honest. Which energy are you in mostly? Learn about the characteristics and strengths of each and how you can make subtle (or huge) shifts to come back into alignment to your core self. Gorgeous lingerie will make you feel beautiful, even if its just for your eyes only. While you’re there, practice some burlesque moves, figures of eight and shimmies!

10, Men and women think and act totally differently. Relationships can be the source of the greatest pain as well as the greatest pleasure. Know yourself first and live in your core energy. Don’t try to be like a man (unless you are one, of course. A Gorgent!). Instead, learn about the opposite sex, don’t expect them to do things the way you do them. Appreciate the differences, don’t try to change him.


Lasting and consistent change comes when you have a new belief and a new strategy around anything, including love. That’s not always easy, unless you know how. Having studied and applied a range of technologies for change, from NLP, EFT, TFT, Huna and Hypnosis, I created a 3 part Transformational Experience; The Goodness Gorgeous Me Transformation, to help to you change for the better in the area of love, as well as confidence, food or any other part of your life you feel has to change .

This is why I can help you make these changes in the area of love – Gorgeous:

  • I trained as a Relationship Coach with Anthony Robbins
  • Was nominated Relationship Coach Of The Year 2011 when this is what I specialised in and ran dating workshops on for single professionals
  • Met with and studied the work of John Gray, author of the international best seller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.
  • I trained as a Colour Coach, using colour analysis to bring out natural beauty in make up, clothing and styling and boost inner confidence for professional women of all ages and brides to be
  • Have personally coached hundreds of people who were unhappy and dissatisfied with their love life or lack of, in the UK, USA, Middle East, Europe and Australia
  • I married at 39 for the first time. Seeking perfection, was an illusion. Allowing love, is a gift.

If you have read this far, I know you are ready to make some changes. I’d be delighted to share my learnings and offer my support and coach you on your journey to holistic wellbeing. Get in touch a book a free strategy session and let’s get you back to Gorgeousness! :)

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Be Gorgeous,