Here’s how to look fabulous, naturally!

Yes, you! Our physical body is the house for our emotions. How we feel inside shows up in how we look, how we dress, how we express ourselves. Make the most of this house, it’s the only place we get to live. Work on the inside out, not the outside in.

To look great you need to think well, eat well, and, well, move! Exercise is a must, there is no getting away from it. Combine exercise with what you love; what you enjoy, from acrobatics to zumba, start it, move it, love it!

Confidence comes from within. Sure, retail therapy does work, but it’s best when you buy clothes, outfits, makeup which is naturally suited to you! Learn how to be bold with a range of colours and tones in your wardrobe. Everyone can wear any colour – it’s the tone that matters, and how you dress it and accessorise.

Following your Colour Coaching session, you will have an opportunity to recreate your new looks by purchasing Dr Grandel Skin Care products and Arabesque Make up.

Especially selected for your skin’s demands; natural, ethically sourced ingredients go into every Dr Grandel product; chemical free, allergen free gentle and effective and exclusively available in the UK through your colour coaching experience. Your Arabesque Make up is designed according to your individual season so no guess work needed when choosing beautiful colours for lips, eyes and cheeks. A range of foundations from you to choose from, for a flawless finish, plus professional brushes to apply your make up effortlessless and with precision.

  • Goodness Gorgeous Me Handmade Natural Skin and Hair Care

Why not treat yourself to all natural, handmade skin care and hair care products! Exclusively and uniquely created, the range involves face creams, shampoo, clay masks, soap and lip balm. Guaranteed no chemicals or unknown ingredients, these products are lovingly made in small batches, scented with fresh, zesty essential oils and flowers. The ultimate gift and daily luxury. Enquire for details!

Handmade (by me!) Natural Skin Care Products:

  • Hydrating Face Cream – nourishing, anti-ageing, anti-stress to rejuvenate, refresh and uplift £23.50 60ml


  • Facial Clay Cleanser – anti-stress for clarity, focus & removing dead skin £12.50 15ml


  • Eye Gel – for brighter, clearer eyes, reduce puffiness & appearance of fine lines £12.50 15ml


  • Conditioning Organic Beeswax Lip Balm – zesty, nourishing fresh fruit flavours  £3.50



  • Shampoo – softening, conditioning, hydrating, naturally fragranced & healthy shine  £9 250ml


  • Soap – for face and body, gentle cleansing, with flowers and natural scents £5 84g


  • Shower Gel – refreshing, energising, cleansing, naturally fragranced £9 250ml



  • Try the full range! They make perfect gifts too!!