Don’t you also want to change your nutrition and eating habits, reduce stress, look sexier, feel happier, increase longevity and boost holistic wellbeing inside and out? And have it last?


If you’re reading this, chances are you have been on some sort of diet, have a tonne of recipes for shakes, juices and healthy meal plans yet for some reason, nothing seems to change or the change doesn’t last. We all know the right things to eat but we don’t do what we know is better for us and we self-sabotage or don’t have the will and discipline, or the right information or the belief  it can be different or it just feels too hard. Why is that? What’s going on and how can we make it how we want it to be?


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We have to change our bad habits.  Seriously, in our fact paced modern lives we need to really take some time to get our priorities straight.

Today our biggest enemy is our lifestyle, an unbalanced diet eaten in a hurry, lack of exercise, sitting for hours on our laptop or smart phone, smoking (yep..some still do!)  and other environmental toxins as well as mental and emotional stress.  We ask our body to deal with many burdens and then we wonder why we get sick.

Like you, I was aware of the right things to do, but it wasn’t always easy in practice.

As an international speaker, I was working long days, from being ready to go on the road at 8am, to getting the taxi home at 11pm. Too late for a ‘sensible meal’ and no homecooked food or well stocked fridge full of fruits and veggies waiting for me. Any fast food was my ‘reward’ on my way home, something comforting and carby, with ample cups of coffee and if  I had it, there was a hotel lunch provided (sandwich with fries) and water during the day. Hardly nutritious.  I knew better of course, but somehow that well-intended apple in my bag always made it’s way back home.

habitLooking good was part of the deal, being on stage and teaching people about wealth, lifestyle, aiming for the good life. As someone who enjoys her food, I needed to be really conscious of putting on weight as I know the audience will be judging me before I even open my mouth! Most of the time I skipped those lunches and it was just coffee, then the bag of chips at 11pm. Health IS Wealth.. you need energy to run a business and create additional income, unfortunately most people focus on the money first, and health only becomes a focus when things start going wrong.

My previous career as a teacher, my eating habits were even worse! The bell went for break – coffee and a biscuit (there were always biscuits..). The bell went for lunch and a stodgy school dinner (with pudding). The bell went for the end of the day and another coffee and snack to keep me awake whilst I faced a pile of marking. Even when I was more aware of better food choices, I just was just too stressed for the healthy option or didn’t feel the lettuce love and have the time to chop up a salad.

Type of work, daily habits, stressful environments, commuting, competing, denial, romance of the back burner , hormone imbalances etc are just some of the factors affecting our internal health and wellbeing. No matter how much we know, changing food habits can be really challenging and we self sabotage. No wonder the food and diet industry is a billion if not trillion dollar indusrty.

Well, you cannot control all these factors, but certainly we can become more mindful about some of these choices.

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It is a journey.  One has to begin somewhere….

Some of the most important actions that impact your health are daily exercise and eating more fruits and veggies, getting your anti-oxidents and drinking plenty of water. In addition, happiness! Joy! Love! Purpose and Fun! It’s not rocket science, we have always known this, but knowing and doing are two different things. Holistic Health is the key. Getting your hormones checked out is also critical. My 6 month Holistic Health Coaching programme will help you identify where you are dissatisfied and trace the route causes, acknowledge them then start the process for change. 


Food, Fitness and Fun

friends-having-funExercise is paramount to staying young as you chronologically age since more and more of our tissue will turn to fat unless we physically challenge our muscles and bones to stay strong…  For the longest time we were hunters and gatherers.  We used to eat hundreds of varieties of plant matter.  Today we are lucky if we eat 5 different kinds of plants in a week.  The body depends on plants in order to neutralise the toxins we make when we burn food for energy.  And there is no substitute for fruits and vegetables.  Man hasn’t really been able to duplicate Mother Nature. And that’s ok… The real exciting stuff is beyond fruits and vegetables. It’s understanding how our bodies age and protecting it, repairing and and renewing it. It’s like science fiction, without the fiction!

We used to know about a handful of vitamins such as vitamin C, B-complex, vitamin E, beta carotene etc.  Now, with new technology, science has found over 12,000 plant nutrients and as we study them individually, we are finding that they all seem to play a role in slowing down the ageing process in the body.  So get that green smoothie down you! Better still- load up on berries! I LOVE RESERVE™, a naturally sweet supplement bursting with exotic fruit juices. With a botanical blend of antioxidants that super-charge your internal systems, it contains a host of powerful ingredients that repair free radical damage and protect cells against future harm. Your cells stay healthier, live longer, and leave you looking and feeling great

Not only that, the most exciting Nobel Prize winning research, has lead to the discovery of Telemerase, the enzyme which actually lengthens and grows back our telemers (the bit which protects our DNA). This is truly ground breaking and exciting stuff- as who wants oxidative stress to age us, when we can now, thanks to this revolutionary information and unique products, protect our DNA and actually, truly, look and feel younger.

There is a myriad of  dietary therories out there – vegan, vegertarian, gluten-free, anti-inflamatory, paleo, alkaline, blood-type diet and so many more. As a graduate of  Institute for Integrative Nutrition, my biggest learning is no one-size fits all when it comes to food, nutrition and self care. This is BIG business, so by discussing your health issue with a certified health coach such as me, who has access and knowledge of a multitude of theories and practices, means I can work with you and based on your answers, recommend the  best course of action for you.

Move!! Find an activity you enjoy and do it. One of the easiest and most effective is to get yourself a rebounder. Every cell in your body gets moving, spend about half an hour a couple of times a day, or more or less. Go for a walk, get excited abut joining a netball team or go play tennis. It’s so easy to have fitness on the back burner when you are busy starting a new business or have demands on you with family or work. Schedule it it, like you would do a call or a meeting, Get it done.

Laugh, be silly, have fun! Your happy hormones want to come out and play! It’s amazing how stress plays such a huge part in weight gain or inability to absorb nurtients, A blocked system feels uncomfortable at the very least, and can lead to all sorts of long term diseases. Also build in time for stillness, diaphramic breathing, reflection, meditation. It is so powerful, so underestimated, so underused and undervalued. I found it was the missing link, for me. The thing which bridged the gap between the thinking and the doing. There are a range of programmes out there, find one that you like, or get one of my hypnosis cds and within 20 minutes, it will relax you, energise you, and wash away the things you felt once anxious about. We often think we dont have time, busy busy, always on the go. Gift yourself time by slowing down.

Here’s my 10 top tips to bring you more Goodness:



  1. Eat more plants- whole foods, as live and natural, in season, organic as you can find. Eat a ‘rainbow diet’ with bright, natural colours. Avoid processed ‘food-like’ foods, you know the types, white refined sugars and animal products (or at least start to reduce your intake). If it can’t be found naturally or dervied from a natural souce- avoid!!
  2. Get your hormones checked. As we age, due to uninformed food and lifestyle choices, we are exposed to more toxins, and our hormones – especially the thyroid, can get out of balance.
  3. Take a whole-food supplement which protects your DNA, containing a probiotic, fish oils, spirulina and range of vitamins and minerals.
  4. Get plenty of rest. Breathe fresh air. Go outside, take a holiday and get a healthy dose of the badly needed vitamin D!
  5. Live a happy life- what are your intimate relationships like? Is food your emotional hug?
  6. Do things which interest and excite you. Food is nutrition, not a time filler and something to do when you’re bored. Get your creative juices flowing.
  7. Move – yoga is great as it gets both the left and right brain going, dance to the tunes on the radio, go for a walk, do whatever activity you really enjoy and do it on a regular basis, several times a day.
  8. Be grateful. So many of the world’s population do not enjoy a well-stocked fridge. Be thankful for what you have, give to charity, help the needy and volunteer your time. It will put a whole new perspective on things.
  9. Detox and cleanse. Twice a year is enough, or seasonally, but at least once! Give your digestive system a rest. Fasting can be tough, so be prepared, but the benefits are more than physical. Toxins are release through the skin too, so sweat it out! Book in to see a colonic hydrotherapist. Take a good probiotic. Notice how you feel. Learn about the liver and gut
  10. Build your self esteem. Start by loving yourself. Look in the mirror, note what you love and appreciate how hard your body works to keep you alive. What do you say to yourself? Your thoughts create your reality, Be truthful, live a clean life, consider your legacy.

Top tip:

Why not create a mood board/ vision board for your healthy you and how you can have perfect health starting today. No need to wait until ‘you are skinny’, can fit into your favourite jeans or a certain size. Live more, adopt a lifestyle change, weigh less. Change can start as soon as now.





Lasting and consistent change comes when you have a new belief and a new strategy around anything, including food. That’s not always easy, unless you know how. Having studied and applied a range of technologies for change, from NLP, EFT,  Huna and Hypnosis, I created a 3 part Transformational Experience; The Goodness Gorgeous Me Transformation, to help to you change for the better in the area of food, as well as confidence, love or any other part of your life you feel has to change .

This is why I can help you make these changes in the area of food, health and wellbeing – Goodness:

  • I’m a certified Health Coach with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, and studied a wealth of dietary theories
  • Have level 3 raw food chef training.
  • Studied the psychology of food, emotional eating and self-esteem
  • Am a master practitioner of NLP and can show you how to banish cravings quickly, safely and effectively and give up foods you love but wish you didn’t. Using NLP, I can help you dislike any food you once liked which was not serving you, and have you no longer crave it, desire it, or even look at it again! All change starts in the mind, getting past fear and having a big why to want to change. Diets, plans, recipes don’t work – unless you do.
  • Keen advocate of cleansing, detoxing, understanding the functions of your organs and the prime directives of the mind.
  • Student of youthful ageing, the myths, the truths, the testimonials! Skin care and nutritionals working together. No nasties allowed! Restoring confidence to thoses with skin conditions, with safe, natural, ancient, human friendly ingredients. Nobel Prize winning science backed skincare and supplements, revealing true beauty inside and out.
  • Fan of chi gong, emotional healing, meditation and other mind-body therapies and life long student of health

If you have read this far, I know you are ready to make some changes. I’d be delighted to share my learnings and offer my support and coach you on your journey to holistic wellbeing. Get in touch and book a free strategy session and let’s get you back to Goodness! 🙂

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To your goodness,