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“Got something on your mind? Chances are, nothing will come of it.

Move it to your heart…Now that’s where the magic happens…”

-Farah Siddiqui-Borland





Where are you stuck? Where do you want Change?

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A – Short On Time and Online Option

B – Longer Personal 121Time With Me

C – Intimate Group Retreat



Free Discovery! Getting To Know You Session



35 minute Free Consultation


Let’s talk about the issue which is causing you the most pain right now, food, love, money or purpose. Complete both the Free Transformational Quiz  and the Holistic Health History 24 hours beforehandThe 35 minute Discovery session is your time to talk, release and see a way forward. Leave the session clear on the area you want help with and how I can help. You also get my ebook The Confidence To Change if you are not already a subscriber.  

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A – Short on time or want an online option? Choose Let’s Do Coffee! and Transform!



 Let’s Do Coffee! (or a Ginger Shot!)

70 minute Energising Coaching and Intuitive Session


Sometimes you just need that one off energising boost. To thrash out what’s  bugging you, wearing you down, or keeping you stuck. It could be that inner critic and you want to stop feeling that way, need a listening ear and a bit of a kick to get you back to being you. You create what you focus on. Our ‘coffee’ sessions are designed to give you an on the spot boost and clarity, tough and direct questions to get you back on track, a smattering of imagination with an obvious action step to boot. Leave the session with new, fresh perspectives, and a feeling of more certainty. You also get  my ebook The Confidence To Change if you are not already a subscriber and my free report with on NLP, with my top 10 tips and exercises.

$135 Book your Let’s Do Coffee! Session here





4 week Online Coaching Programme 


Like the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, change takes time, and things  never go back to the way they were.

During this online coaching programme, using a series of video tutorials and online worksheets, you go from where you are, to where you want to be, yet with a key distinction. All the tools and strategies in the world won’t make any difference unless you can feel a difference. Breaking  free from the limits you have set to hold yourself back is the first step to transformation. I highly recommend the Breakthrough! programme for one-to-one live coaching. This online video coaching programme is the next best thing, to having me there with you. Know I have your back, you are safe and you can do this. Week by week, we go through 4 key stages to transformation.:

  • Week 1: where you are, what is working and frames of reference, and identiy the blocks which are holding you back and keeping you from doing what you want to be doing.
  • Week 2: your values and what is actually really important to you. What you believe to be true. Smashing those limiting beliefs and realigning your values. Things will look and feel very different after week 2.
  • Week 3: creating a plan and a strategy. Working with your strengths, your personailty profile and preference so this stage is easy, doable and in line with who you are, so the changes can be implemented in your flow. Having manageable chunks to work on and manifest, and duplicate time after time.
  • Week 4: accountability and evaluation. Strategies to keep you going, pick you up and remind you you’ve got this. Rewards and celebrations and keeping the momentum going. 

Personality profile and pre-coaching questionnaire included. Bonuses include email support for 60 days after, you also get a free report with on NLP, with my top 10 tips and exercises.

$647 Book your Transformation! here



B – Work closely with me personally, for a more profound Transformation. Choose Breakthrough! and Bounce Back! 



3 x 60 mins one-to-one


You spend ages on your business, make sure everyone else in your life is ok, are a good friend and contributer and enjoy having fun and downtime as much as anyone.Ever felt YOU JUST NEED TO BE HEARD? When was the last time you spent time on you, for you? Been unhappy or confused or out of alignment for a long time, but been hiding behind a mask and just got on with it? Time is a luxury these days and being heard is like Gold.

Breakthrough! is an incredibly powerful,  full intensive immersion breakthrough session over 3 hours. This is a biggy! Overcome what’s holding you back, banish limiting beliefs, get clear on your values and what is important to you, set intentions and dream big, put plans in place for what you want and how it will manifest, remove indecision and realign yourself, getting your mind and body working together. During our time we look at what you want, clear a limiting belief which was preventing you from taking action and map out a plan to make it a reality for you. Expect some touchy feely, woo-lala moments and have a box of tissues at hand – stuff will come up, and it needs to, to free yourself again.  Hypnotherapy session included to imbed the changes you want. Personality profile and pre-coaching questionnaire included. During this Breakthrough! we get right to the core and help you literally transform, creating new empowering neuro-connections, new self-belief and an actionable plan to help you create what you are looking for. This coaching and therapy intensive will supercharge you to be your brilliant self. As well as a free report with on NLP, with my top 10 tips and exercises, bonuses include email support for 60 days after,  a Personalised Hypnosis Audio to help maintain the new changes and a follow up call. 

$997 Book your Breakthrough! here



bounceback2Bounce Back!

6 month Coaching Programme (12 sessions)

We ‘meet’ wherever you are in the world via skype  2x a month, every month for 6 months. That’s 12 sessions, personally working closely together on issues not only around food, diet, and health issues such as weight loss/gain, sleep, exercise, energy, skin problems, addictions, emotional eating, allergies and digestion; but also on a holistic level, as there may be deeper lifestyle issues concerning you in the area of intimate relationships, finance worries, feeling a lack of time, stress, seeking fulfilment and fun, confidence, self- esteem, business building and whatever else may come up for you. During your 6 month programme, you will notice significant shifts. Amongst the options I offer working with me, choose one from: a pantry makeover, a shopping trip and demystification of  the health food store, superfoods made simple, a juicing demo, a colour coaching session, hypnotherapy or  beauty make over. As a bonus,  you have a complimentary anti-ageing skin care tutorial and  unlimited email access during the programme, plus recommended articles, audios from my vast library and resources. You also get a free report with on NLP, with my top 10 tips and exercises. Complete the holistic health history form below & book in your initial complimentary session below.

Health History Form – Women      Health History Form – Men     

$1800 Book your Bounce Back! here



C – An exclusive time away from it all, masterminding, transforming and uncovering your natural greatness with an intimate group, Retreat, Revitalise, Return to you.


2retreatThe Goodness Gorgeous Me Retreat

Imagine a time and place just for you. A sacred place where you gift yourself the time to get away from it all and explore who you are, let go, free whole, vibrant and totally indulge in rediscovering your goodness and your gorgeousness. Bringing the best of everything I have to offer, plus wisdom from trusted fellow awesome experts in the fields of wellbeing, nutrition, beauty, movement and mind, these days will transform you like nothing else. Be prepared to laugh, cry, expand, move, be still and more. The location is chosen for it’s serenity, power, beauty and grace; connect with nature and your fellow retreat girlfriends and with yourself. Leave feeling as if you have never left and continue the magic in all you do, in  your home, with your family, around those you meet and with yourself.

Details and Pricing upon application