G’day from Australia!

I’m in Queensland, Australia!

A gruelling 24 hour flight, with 2 stops in Abu Dhabi and Singapore, finally I arrived in Brisbane! Yaaay!

Of course, it’s great to be with my hubby and thats why I’m here, but it made me think about environment and how different we feel when we are out of our normal surroundings. Waterfalls, Waves and Wildlife are just some of the things which have wowed me so far!


Water, with its constant flow and incredible, unstoppable energy, the weird and wonderful wildlife which has adapted to it’s surroundings, yet so strange and unique, Australia is an incredibly powerful, beautiful and spiritual place and I definitely feel a connection.

When you are doing the same old same old and expect things to change, well, it’s not gonna happen is it. You don’t have to fly thousands of miles to change your environment though, you’ll be glad to hear!

There are lots of things you can do, from the dramatic, such as relocating, moving etc to changing the decor, moving the furniture, hanging a new picture, changing your laptop wallpaper!

How about setting a weekly (or daily) challenge to do something new . Go to  new coffee place or try a different drink. Buy something new at the supermarket or go to a farmers market instead. Buy a new outfit or something in a different shade to your usual. Oh, a new lipcolour, fragrance or nail varnish works wonders too! Change your morning routine. Watch something different on catch up tv or listen to something new. Go to a different gym class, mix it up, or enrol on a short course. Go for a drive at the weekend.

Having something new, different to look forward to creates variety, one of our human needs and shakes us out of routine and sameyness, you feel stiffled.

Everything about where I am right now is different. The climate, the accents, the nature, the food. I’m taking it as a reboot, sometimes leaving the norm behind can alter perceptions and enhance clarity. I encourage you to do, rather than think, about something new to do,  to get you unstuck and excited. For me, I know I will be veggy for 2 months, as a direct result of changing my environment. That’s just one thing. It’s not that I had to fly half way around the world to do it, it’s just noticing how being in a different space physically, gives you different choices and you can wok on those things you want to change but were too stuck in your old environment before. Notice a new energy.

What are you going to do? Anyone else planning a big trip? I would love to know so leave me a comment below!

Until next time,

To your goodness and your gorgeousness,

Your coach




  1. I love the idea of making it a priority to try something new each day/week – so true that it keeps our minds from getting stuck in ruts. To me, though, there’s absolutely nothing like travel to shift my perspective! And while I really hate the crowds at airports and everything you have to do to get on an airplane… once I’m on it and it’s in flight, nothing comes close to looking down from that height and realizing just how much MORE there is to life than what it feels like down there in our ordinary lives. 🙂

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