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101c1Single and looking?

Oh the joys of dating!

Get 101 tips, direct to your inbox to inspire you, make you go “aha!” and keep you happy and sane while the man/woman of your dreams finds his/her way to your heart! (and you do your bit by being you!)

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101cover2Engaged, newly wed or in your first couple of years of marriage?


Get 101 tips, direct to your inbox to inspire you, make you go “ohh” and keep you happy and sane as you transition from singleton to life as a couple.

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aunlpGet Better Results in Life – Introduction to NLP Audio

aunlpYou want better results than you’re currently getting, right? With your eating habits, love relationships, instead of being motivated perhaps you’re procrastinating. Maybe you freeze or fumble when you’re nervous and wish you were more in control, or you want to be more persuasive and influential. Maybe there’s some stuff from the past holding you back and keeping you playing small? Wanna change all that? Wana flick that switch? NLP is the your secret tool to change! Get your free download and see the magic for yourself.

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UnknownNLP Top 10 Tips And Exercises

NLP is a fascinating and life changing field of study. The processes and questioning techniques are designed specifically to move you, scramble your old thought patterns which don’t serve you, and create new, empowering ones. Here are my Top 10 Tips and Exercises. From so many to choose from, this will give you a flavour and a practical application to practice in your everyday life. To go into depth and certify as a practitioner, get my homestudy programme or enquire about live trainings.

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relaxaudioAnd Relax… Guided Self-Hypnosis Audio to Recharge, Re-energise and Reboot

In our 247 life, we are bombarded with deadlines, to-do lists, messages and the attention of others. Last on the list seems to be time for ourself. For wellbeing, for quality down-time and a naturally energising reboot, it is essential to set time aside.

All learning, all behaviour, all change is unconscious. So for change to occur, ironically, we need to slow down, relax and let our brain waves have a stretch. Notice how much more grounded, clear and in tune you feel after listening to this 20 minute audio, totally free as my gift to you.

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UnknownDon’t wait to lose weight! Lose pounds not dollars!

Dress sizes, a flat tum, toned arms a pert butt…the weight loss industry has never been in better shape!

Everywhere you go, there’s this diet, that pill, this shake, that exercise. Yet STILL we don’t get the results we want. Why ? What’s the missing link?

Detoxing, fasting, fitness fads, shakes and shots and sugar; safe, healthy and long term, I share all here.

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goalsUltimate Goal Creation

We all know about setting goals, having a target and taking action steps to make it happen. But there is more to it than that.

Ultimate Goal Creation is a 1 day workshop I ran and am now giving to you for free in the form of a slide presentation course. Be prepared to play full out, do the practicals and exercises and integrate goal creation with heart and soul.

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