Five ways to impress her

Here’s something for the guys!

Article by Marcy Barack

When I surveyed singles about male manners on dates these days, everybody agreed that politeness seems to be passé. The strange thing is that no one talked about dating. “Everybody is less nice to each other,” said Johanna. “They’re discourteous and rude in shops and on the roads. It’s an angry world.”

Mike says he doesn’t see people opening doors or giving up their seat on a bus. “I don’t think a lot of men respect women today.”

Queue jumping, yelling at drivers, swearing in public. It’s not just on dates that people are failing to demonstrate their better natures. No one misses the formality of a rigid code of conduct. Everyone laments the pervasive lack of courtesy and common consideration.

For every Gallant who opens a door for a woman, ten oblivious souls let it swing shut in her face. How many people failed to RSVP to your most recent invitation? When was the last time you wrote a thank you note?

This sad lack of manners in everyday life presents an opportunity for men. It’s the opposite of a rising tide raising all boats. A falling level of civility leaves chivalrous exceptions prominently on display. The courteous gentleman is a match any lady would love to catch.

Manners for Misters
No one wants to be treated with anything less than thoughtfulness. The guy who exerts himself to consider what would please his date and then strives to deliver is sure to make a favourable impression. Here are a few tips to convince your date that she’s found her Prince Charming.

1. Show respect
This is the universal rule of the polite. All other tips are just permutations of this one.

2. Listen
Pay attention to what she says, and take it to heart. When she says she’s allergic to dust mites, vacuum before she comes to your place for drinks. If she says she likes Italian food, rent Big Night on DVD and invite her over for pasta.

3. Be on time
Making her wait implies that her time is less valuable than yours is.

4. Be generous
I’m not talking money here. Give freely of your praise.

5. Be reliable
A gentleman’s word is his bond. If you say you’re going to call, call.

The “F” word
Finally, a word on feminism. Some guys believe that a woman would be insulted if he held a chair for her. I have yet to discover a female who wouldn’t be charmed by such attentiveness.

When in doubt, ask. Inquiring, “May I get that door for you?” or, “How about I pay this check and you take the next one?” can head off a world of misunderstanding.



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