Financial training from a multi-millionaire and a question

Here are some tips I will share from one of my multi-milionare mentors.

What are your 6 month goals? (financially)

What are you 12 month goals?

Write them down. Go on. No matter where you are right now.

Done it?


Here is the secret to making those goals happen; tthe magic is to BELIEVE.


Soak it in to your very being. Not just talk. Know it.

And have the right Attitude. Positive attitude towards it.

And Actions.

If you have a dream and don’t back it up with action, it’s just a dream.

The formula to Success is:

Belief + Attitude + Action

I know, you probably know this already but if it’s not happened, one of these three isn’t in alignment. Face facts.

You need to think, where are you right now? You need to be aware, have a reality check of where you are, otherwise how can you know there is a change?

So right now, list your sources of income today, it might not be comfortable, but to make a change, you need to go through this.

Then list all your expenses. All of them. Don’t leave any out

Now subtract the two to get your Net Income.

How far is your current net income to your financial goal? How long have you had this challenge? Have long have you thought about it and wanted a change? How are you going to bridge that gap? What is your vehicle?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result isn’t very smart, right. So what is going to change? Change can happen in an instant, but it’s consistency which is needed and often support, to keep you on track, because the mind has a brilliant way of taking us way back to the ‘comfort’ of the familiar and away from anything new and unknown. A coach hold you accountable so you stick with it.

Having been in employment, having had my own business and investments, residual income to me, is something which – coming from a multi-millionaire and several very wealthy people I know, it’s the way to go. Setting up systems, which pay out over and over.

Who you hang around with massively affects your outcomes too. If your spouse isn’t on board, or your have negative energy in the conversations around you, pulling you down, it does affect your thoughts and results. Change your peer group. Be a leader. Design your own destiny. Remember: BELIEF+ATTITUDE+ACTION

Which one of these 3 do you need help with?

I’m excited about getting my NLP course finished and uploaded for you, that will help with all 3 🙂

Quick bit of marketing, who would be interested in getting on to a live NLP training? Or would you prefer a webinar?

Let me know by replying in the comments box below.

Changing your beliefs if they don’t serve you, having a positive outlook and steering clear of distractions disguised as action is something I can help you with and would be delighted to set up a personal call with you, (maybe discuss those financial goals) – while I have the availbility! If you want to take advantage, book your slot here. Please note, due to a change in travel plans, I am only taking bookings from 26th Sept- 2nd Oct, so please book in between these dates to take advantage! I look forward to speaking with you!

Until next time,

To your goodness and your gorgeousness



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