Fancy taking a walk with me?

This week I feel very happy to have met my walking goals 🙂  I went out for a walk, started off with a 25 min walk to the shops and back. The next time it became 23 minutes there and back. Then I went for a longer walk, and before I knew it it turned into an hour and a half!

I did the same route again, but this time used an app to track the distance, time, calories etc and it turned out to be 8km!

I was hooked. I knew in the gym, an exercise class was an hour, so I figured an hour’s walk or thereabouts would be good. And that’s when I set a big goal for myself, to walk a marathon a week!


That’s around 2 long walks of 8k, with 2 shorter 5ks. And that first week I did it!

Ironically, I found out Brisbane had a city marathon on at the weekend, a marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k and 2.2k. I signed up for the 5k, it would be great to be out there in the park and the city with hundreds of other runners/walkers in the warm sunshine on a Sunday morning! I hadn’t trained for anything longer than that. (Don’t dive in at the deep end without thorough preparation, unless you want an injury! Preparation and practice and getting out there and testing things are keys to progress and to measuring success. A coach helps, great for motivation and accountablity).

It was inspiring to see people out there of all shapes and sizes, ages and levels of fitness. From the under 8s walking 2.2km, to the bigger sized people, to seasoned runners (one guy had participated in this run every year since 1992! (The guy awarding the prizes, joked, ‘you get less for murder!’)

It was really good to see so many people out, having prepared themselves, got the support, taken the action and running their own race, where the biggest prize is personal satisfaction and self pride.

photo-5photo-4It’s only a few steps. Decide. Commit. Act. It will make all the difference.

Are you planning to take up walking/running? What’s your marathon? Share your thoughts with me here. A good coach can help you get there faster, safely and will share in your happiness once you reach the goal.

Until next time,

To your goodness and your gorgeousness,

Your coach



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