Dreams Can Come True…and Lessons Can Be Learned

This is a longer than usual one today… and there are 2 valuable lessons from the story. Please read, enjoy and share your comments 🙂

I have 2 gorgeous, smart, beautiful neices Alisha 12 and Aneesa 14 (cousins).

They are mad over Demi Lovato. (Who?!!) We were all teenagers once and my teen idols were Boy George, Marc Almond and Paul Young and Charlies’ Angels (I was Kelly).

These guys literally were idols in those days. The closest you got to them was a poster, watching them in your living room, and if you were a real die-hard, being part of their fan club. Today, you can message/tweet them directly and know their every move and have the means to travel far and wide to catch a glimpse of them.

Demi apparantly has a massive following and when her ‘world tour’ was announced, my neices were beside themselves with excitement and eagerly awaited any related announcement.

It turns out, she was gong to gig in the UK, horray!! But an intimate gig just for 450 – and via a competition. Also, she was doing a cd signing in London, again limited to the first 350.

The signing appealed more- as they actually might get a chance to see her for real, have their picture taken, ask her some burning questions..!!! The frenzy was starting to build up! Their dream suddenly was looking possible! So plans were put in place to do what we could to make this happen for them. We found out where the signing was and planned to get there nice and early, imagining there would be thousands of girls aiming to do the same.

So, 2 excited little girls were instructed to go to bed early before The Big Day.

At 3am, we arrived outside the record store in London, to be greeted by the sight of tents and people camping around the block. We were nervous..did we make it into the 350?

The girls took their place at the back of the queue and discovered they were number 200!!!! Oh the joy and excitement was unbelievable! They were guaranteed meeting Demi! They took their place in the cold night, the rain pouring and persistent, ground sheet on the floor, wrapped up in layers and a sleeping bag, umbrella and cardboard boxes and spent most of the early hours tweeting their friends, chatting and listening to Demi. No way were they gonna sleep!

Lesson 1:

Dreams can come true, if you declare what you want, have enough consistent passion, take massive action, are prepared to be uncomfortable and do what it takes, and get some support from others who care enough and believe in you.

7 hours sitting and standing in the rain later… they got their coveted, highly prized wristband, guaranteeing them entry to see Demi- OMG!!!

Another 7 hours later we were back queuing outside. Chatter in the line was nervous excitement, churning stomachs… this was the moment they had waited for and it was finally gonna happen. The crowd looked fresher than the morning, yet more subdued, they looked their best for Demi and were tweeting, taking pics and movies, capturing the imminent moment as best  they could, before being let into the private event area.

Once inside, the excitement started to boil, chanting ‘We want Demi’, singing her songs, shrieking at any movement from the front area, phones held high, recording heads… the fever was heating up.

Then, finally, she entered the room!!

You couldn’t see her, security was everywhere, but you sensed she was there, and then the hysterics really kicked in. “I saw her eyebrows” one girl at the back wept uncontrollably. Girls were crying, overcome with emotion, knowing they were breathing the same air as her and about to have their moment.

Then before we knew it, the queue was moving rapidly and we could see girls being marshalled out, clutching their signed cd, crying, stunned, in a daze at what just happened to them, ushered on a one way back out of the shop. Some broke ranks and stopped enroute and told the awaiting girls at the back of the queue (us) of their experience – no photos, no touching, nothing else to be signed, no hanging around.. but she was so beautiful, perfect…

You get 2 seconds. That’s it.

My neices were getting emotional too, I was trying to photograph them, but security were all over her and I got nice shots of their arms and and bulky physiques. Demi was out of view until it was your turn.

I did see her, she was blonde and had good skin/makeup and smiled sweetly as I said ‘Thank you for making my girls’ dream come true’. I then asked, ‘what’s the secret to your success?’ She looked puzzled and kinda screwed her face, like she had no idea but said nothing and security ushered me away. I turned back a few times to try and get a shot for the girls but was almost chased out for attempting. My plea ‘they had camped out in the rain all night’  fell on deaf ears.

Alisha and Aneesa were unusally quite. There was a moment their emotions flooded them and they shared a hug with each other but after that, really, it was like they had nothing left.

Outside the shop, the Demi fans looked bewildered too. A small group of girls came up to us were crying and begged me to go back down and get their cd signed as they had no wristband and ‘they will let me in’. I felt sorry for them. “Just to see her perfection would mean everything to me. You don’t understand”. I was actually feeling a little disturbed now.

These girls, and there were boys too, adore Demi Lovato. The youngest I saw was just 6. Hundreds had built up their expectations, fantasised about what they would say, had queued in the rain in the small hours for the chance of a lifetime to meet her and show their love and appreciation. “Thank you for saving my life” was another (disturbing) thing I heard. In return, only 350 girls got a chance, disappointing so many more. And for just 2 seconds. ‘She’s on a tight schedule’ was what Her People told us. Hmm, time is valuable to us all and equating 2 seconds of her time with the almost 24 hours some had commited (the brother and sister behind us had camped out from 8pm the night before) seemed somewhat imbalanced to me. Even for a star.

Lesson 2:

Beauty, perfection, talent and love is in abundance in these gorgeous young faces. They see it only in their idol, however, and have no conception they own it and actually have all of that which they perceive inside of them. They create the love they feel. Demi doesn’t know them personally or love them. Yet she is a catalyst for allowing them to discover these powerful emotions as they grow up. So, she has her place, for sure, as do all the other celebrities we admire. They help us discover love and inspire us to be creators. 

Maybe I’m being cynical for thinking just 8 seconds more and 1 picture wouldn’t be too much to ask for? Maybe the teens will cherish their 2 seconds forever. But they will grow up, and look back at this episode with a happy heart and know they were a part of something significant, having the time of their lives, carefree.

It’s funny, there was an older fan, she was 18, and her friends were behind us when queuing for the wristbands, and then they happened to be just in front of us for the signing. She was behind us again, on the tube as we made our way home. I overheard her disappointment “it wasn’t worth it. Queuing all night, I will probably get sick with a cold now”. Oh, the difference in perception a few years makes!

My neices were really quiet. I don’t know if they were disappointed or elated, in shock or just shattered. We nearly missed our stop as they were overcome with tiredness after such a long and eventful day of physical endurance and emotional outpouring.

They got their exclusive ticket.

She signed their cd.

They got to see and speak to Demi herself, personally and see her close up and she smiled and looked back at them.

When you are 12 and 14 and you are a huge fan, I guess it’s definitely worth it.

As for me, I’m happy the two girls I love the most had the first experience a dream coming true and I get to share some life lessons with them at this time of change in their life (which I doubt they will take any notice of, but hey, there was a lesson in there for me too).

A long bath and foot rub will go down well now 🙂

Oh… and here’s me meeting my idols of the day 🙂





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