Detox December!

With the end of another year weeks away, the plans for Christmas parties, family gatherings, party food and end of year reflection, December is the perfect month, ironically, to think about detoxing.

January is usually when we tend to think of losing weight (again), giving up chocolate, dairy or smoking and planning a detox week away somewhere sunny. However, how long does all that last? Financially, January seem to be the longest month (most people get paid a week early, so its 5 long weeks before the next pay cheque)  and the weather is miserable, so to compensate, we indulge in our worst habits, instead of being inspired to ditch them! No wonder new years resolutions don’t last long!

What does all this have to do with relationships? Well, unfortunately, this is the time of year most people get dumped and it can be devasting when it seems everyone else is being loved up or surrounded by friends and family (Hollywood has a lot to answer for, though Eastenders keeps it real!)

I would suggest taking control this month. Detox your body, detox your wardrobe, detox your love life. Although we want warm, comforting foods, be mindful of your choices. Have smaller portions, forgoe the creams, butters, fried stuff and load up on veggies instead. Fast 1 or 2 days a week during this month. Don’t buy nibbles. This is all seasonal stuff, you do perfectly fine the rest of the year so why go nuts now? Your body will thank you for it in the long run, and you will look and feel better by the time it comes to the new year and be ahead  of the game when it comes to your healthy regime.

Detox your wardrobe. Do it. Chuck out the stuff which doesn’t fit, even if you loved it once and plan too get back into it one day. It’s probably out of fashion now and it’s a great reward to buy something new, sexy, flattering once you have earned it, rather than squeezing into something bought in a different time, associated with a different energy. Make room for new things. Go on, fill a bag of stuff for charity and feel good knowing someone else will appreciate it and you will likewise appreciate the new items you get for yourself.

Detox your love life. Bad relationships lead to stress, and there are few things worse for your body composition than stress.

It’s not only intimate relationships. Demanding parents and in-laws, an abusive boss, and needy co-workers, friends, and acquaintances, can stress out your system and cause you to hold onto fat, especially around the middle.

Cutting bad relationships can be difficult – sometimes impossible. You’re pretty much stuck with the parents and in-laws, and unless you switch jobs, the boss and co-workers aren’t leaving either. But make an effort to cut as many toxic people out of your life as possible and you will be happier and healthier for it. Look through your phone book. Who do you not call or care for? Delete them. Do the same with facebook friends, who makes you groan inside? Who you follow on twitter who seems to grumble too much or is unrealistically happy all the time? Unsubscribe from emails from people deploying leverage tactics to make you feel unworthy.

The world will keep turning. Tomorrow is a new day. Focus on yourself, not them.

Detoxing isn’t easy or comfortable or instantaneous. Our lives now demand more, can be rocky with other people making decisions for us or policies and criteria telling us what we can and can’t do and this sense of time flying, and making the most of now.

Sometimes slowing down is what is needed. Detoxing is a process, like any other and can be so liberating. Ending the year on a high is a great way to start the next, so why not go for it?



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