Detox Baby Detox!!

So at the start of the month, after much research, I went on a detox retreat, for not 1 but 2 weeks!

It’s been so cold in England for what seems like forrrever, so I was looking at Thailand, Turkey and Spain. Most seemed to offer what I was after, juice fasting, colon cleansing, healing, treatments and colonics.

I was particularly drawn to Thailand, namely for the weather, so I booked my flight. Within 24 hours, I had had second thoughts, mum wasn’t well and I felt selfish jetting off for two weeks, plus the 14 hour journey there and back was stressing me already and thirdly, I actually want to go to Thailand to EAT, not to NOT EAT!!

At the end of the day, I opted for… the UK! It was the familiarity I guess, especially as I know how beneficial coaching and healing is, particularly if you are detoxing. The mind is as much involved in the process as the body and nurturing the mind was as important to me on the retreat.

Two weeks seemed an awfully long time, especially as the first week went on and the guests who stayed for a week were getting ready to leave. Plus my mum had now gone into hospital and there was limited wi-fi spots in the old country house and the phone signal could only be picked up in two or three places, mostly involving standing by a drafty door or window. I really felt like going home.

Then I realised I was doing this for me. To create a clean, healthy toxin free internal environment, eliminating years of junk and I was determind to do this for myself.

There were plenty of times I was bored and the days stretched, but funnily enough it was short lived. With juices (I had green juices with no fruit 3 times a day, then one with beetroot once a day, plus bentonite clay and psyllium husk and spirulina tablets to aid the cleaning process with each juice) every three to four hours, a holistic health talk daily and two yoga/meditation/qi gong sessions to look forward to, oh and two self administed colonics a day, boredom was probably internet addiction withdrawl symptoms, if I’m honest 🙂

All in all, I lost an incredible…20kg of waste from my insides! Either the scales were deceiving me or my eyes were, or it was true; in any case, I felt and looked amazing, better than I had done in years.

Maintenance is now where the real work begins 🙂

Detox. I highly recommend it.

I reckon dieters have got it all wrong. Cleanse first. Then eat healthy, eat well, eat for nutrition. Hydrate, Rest and Move. And Live a happy, fulfilling life NOW, not someday you are 2 dress sizes smaller.

I’m really passionate about this and will blog more on this in future!

Comment below if you liked this post or get in touch for one to one coaching if you want me to help you 🙂

By the way, my lovely mum is fine now thank God 🙂 I enjoy given mum and dad a fresh veg juice every morning and a delicious green salad for lunch 🙂 I am so grateful xxx



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