Decisions decisions… !



  1. Come to a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration.
  2. Cause to come to such a resolution: “this business about the letter decided me”.
determine – resolve – settle – conclude


Do you procrastinate when it comes to making a decision?

Do you ask for opinions then go ahead and do what you wanted to do anyway?

Are you a great decision maker and get frustrated when people faff about and you absolutely hate hearing “It’s up to you…I don’t mind…you decide”.

It’s interesting. Maybe the head says one thing and the heart another. When the head and heart anren’t talking, indecision is the result.

The head will always rationalise, look out the positives and also the pitfalls, do the math etc etc. The heart wants to go with what makes you feel good, the excitement, joy, comfort, the picture in your head and the fuzzy feeling in your belly. Which is right? Which one to go with?

It can be such a debilitating situation. You really are stuck, until you decide. Once you decide AND COMMIT, there is a release of energy, things start to flow again and that clearance is vital physically as well as mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Now things can get moving.

As Anthony Robbins, business guru and success coach says, “it’s in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped”.

I had been umming and awwing for what must have been months, if I’m honest, regarding a decision and right up until the last minute swayed from one end of the scale right back to the other. It drove me crazy, not to mention my poor hubby who didn’t know if Iwas coming or going, literally!

I was speaking with a friend, she gave me some good advice, a little exercise you too can try. If you are right handed, write down the question and the reasons why it might be a good idea. Then with your left hand, address the question and let whatever flows flow (it won’t be easy but dont’t worry or think about it), as the left side of the body is the creative, non-thinking part so it will go on intuition and what yout heart thinks is right.

Another exercise when making a decision and the inconguency between head and heart, is to use the body as a human pendulum. Stand comfortably and close your eyes. Ask yourself a question which you know to be undeniably true and would have an answer of ‘yes’ (will the sun come out tomorrow? Is my name xxx?). Notice how your body sways. You can ask another undeniably true question if you  like, and see f your body leans in the same direction again. Now do the same but ask a question when the answer is no, categorically (Is grass purple? Was I born in Lapland?) Repeat with another question if you like when the answer is no. Notice, did the body sway in a different direction? You have your intuitive signs for yes and no now set up. Now go ahead and ask your question you have been so indecisiove over. Remember to ask it such that there is a yes or no response. Notice and take heed of your body’s response. Powerful, yet simple stuff.

There are several other decison making tools I can share another time, for now, why not try one of these and let me know the outcome. I decided not to do the thing I was indecisive over and honestly am more excited about the new outcome (and it’s funny what opportunities emerge as a result.. it’s like they were backed up, waiting for space!) than the thing I thought I wanted.

It is fascinating and I’m sure I will talk again about this another time. Let me know your thoughts; don’t sit on the fence now!

Until next time,

To your goodness and your gorgeousness,






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