Build a life..don’t live one

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Ashton Kutcher, take it or leave it really. Of course, he was the young guy who shot to fame when he married the older Demi Moore, and now a Hollywood name in his own right and one of the Twitter Glitterary!

This is real, freah and honest.

I love these 3 things he shares. On Opportunity, Being Sexy and Life.

When I saw this clip, actually, what he says relates to us all, not just wisdom from a young guy to pre-teens. I’m not sure the screaming fans took on board what he was saying, but watch it, its under 5mins and relate it to your life – it’s pretty good!! Watch out for the Steve Jobs movie when it comes out too, which he stars in, should be good!

What did you think? I love the 3 things he  shares. What do you think? Let me know what you think and forward to any teens you might now. It might make a difference to them.

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To your goodness and your gorgeousness




  1. Wicked speech!!! it’s great that he’s getting in front of the kids too.
    Opportunity looks alot like work 🙂 I love it xx

    • Hi Nikki! I agree! So often these days people want the quick fix, and see fame and fortune as the golden ticket. Effort is needed, getting uncomfortable expanding your comfort zone is needed. Quick fixes will wear off just as quickly. Consistent and never ending improvement is the goal 🙂

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