Yoga Inspired

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Everyone knows yoga is good for the mind, the body and the soul. There's a hot yoga studio to inspire, not far from most of us now, as styles evolve and benefits are explored. I used to go to hot yoga in London - honestly, I was like- "what am I doing here??" To be fair, they did warn us we might … [continue]

Coaching Secrets


Coaching is big business. We want better results for ourself than we are currently getting, whether it’s with our health, our business, our relationship or in our fitness. The coaching secrets I’m going to reveal in this post may surprise you. Anyone can make a change, but for it to be lasting, there needs to […]


Be Your Own Body Expert!

Do you consider yourself a body expert? You have been on a diet right. Maybe you followed through. Most likely you didn’t. And you fell off the wagon, but started again, or something different. You gave up something of course. You have joined a gym, dance classes, yoga, taken up running, hiit, swimming, spin classes […]


When Life Throws A Curve Ball


Well Gorgeous, it has been a while since my last blog post. This is going to be pretty personal one. As an entrepreneur, we generally work our own hours, from home, often on our own and rely on our creativity, our energy and inspiration to constantly step up and share our thoughts, ideas and plans […]


It’s A Matter Of Perspective

You’re a high achiever. You know you can do well, strive, achieve. If you do, it’s a time for celebration. If you don’t it’s a moment to reflect, dust yourself off and learn what could be improved next time and do even better next time. So what happens when ‘life happens’ and you are thrown off […]


How To Stick To And Complete Challenges

We have all set goals and achieved them. We have also set goals and not achieved them. We get excited by the prospect of a new challenge and the willpower it takes to complete it. Some challenges we do complete. Others.. well, we give up. As we move into the second half of the year, we […]


What Reality TV Stars Can Teach Us About Reality


OK, so admit it.. who is a secret reality TV fan? Yes, we know it’s time wasting, yes we know the people on these shows are looking for their 15+ minutes of fame, and if they are smart, will cash in on the surge of followers, the book of their life, the merchandising, the TV […]


How To Find Your Treasure


For the past year I committed to an 8 month residential training course which meant attending one weekend a month; working on the exercises, coaching and manifestations during the month. It was all about living in your greatness, having your visions manifest and finding your treasure. You may or may not know about the Hero’s Journey? […]


5 Daily Tips for A Kick-Ass New Year

So here it is, 2015! At this time of year there is a load of stuff about detoxing, goals v resolutions v intention and a review of the year past. I’m going to keep it really short and sweet as I know this can be a time of overwhelm too. So here are my 5 […]


Why Subtracting Is The New Adding

Back at school you would recall learning 2 minuses make a plus. (ie  5 – – 3 = +8) Also (-5 x -3 = +15) Then in everyday language we say two wrongs don’t make a right! Negative, minus, take away, seems to get a bad wrap. As an ex -math teacher, the similarity of […]