About Farah Siddiqui

“Add Value, Make a Difference,

Share the Vision, Multiply the Rewards”

– Farah Siddiqui-Borland


snaps 003You know when you’re lost in your own thoughts, dreaming of looking gorgeous in anything you try on, having beautiful skin and lush hair, rockin’ it in your career or business, having the money to buy and not just window shop, loving life, and feeling fulfilled and happy in your relationships? Oh, and being told you look years younger than you really are? Well, I’m here to make that go from dream, to reality, for you.

I believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, adore her job, buy those shoes and have passion in what she does and creates, and be wildly in love!


Living a healthy life in mind, body and soul is something most of us strive for.

When you stop playing the comparison game and start to love yourself for you, you allow yourself to discover more about yourself and others. You’re able to show up to life and play full out, enjoying each beautiful day as your best, most authentic self. There is nothing noble in playing small. Let’s rock it out and make your 40s and beyond the time to rejuvenate, refresh, revitalise and renew all aspects of your brain, body and  beyond and make it the most exciting time of your life yet.

You deserve SO much more than the same old, same old. (I can help you!)


Hi, I’m Farah Siddiqui-Borland, Transformational Coach, (a bit of a mouthful so you will sometimes find me on the web as just  Farah Siddiqui) and it’s my passion to help women approaching or in their 40s, to feel excited about life, tap into their gorgeousness and go after what they really want. We all get older, but it doesn’t mean you give up on your dreams or accept there are things you can’t do. Rather, Now is The Time! Lock in the energy, looks, vibrancy and dreams of your 20s yet but with added wisdom and experience.

There was a time I played small, hid myself away and for a long time, felt like I was looking from the outside in, at everyone else having fun and being successful. The weight crept on, I buried myself in my career as a teacher, ambitiously climbing to a senior leader level and  sabotaged relationships. I put marriage off for years as I winced at the thought of being the centre of attention. Crazy, right?

But then I figured out the secrets to transform my life from blah to WOW!



I actively created a life of adventure, play and romance. Relationships blossomed, and I got married at 39 to my awesome Scottish beau. My passion for business and coaching paid off and I now work my own hours and have a global business. I moved from living in London, to  Abu Dhabi and lived in the lush green of Queensland, Australia with beaches on my doorstep. I can show you how to have whatever  your passion for life is too, even if you’re not sure what it is yet and show you a system to get you there.

Most people grumble about their health, often around weigh gain. I suffered too but just because we’re getting older, it doesn’t have to be an excuse for not having a fabulous body and looking and feeling youthful, sexy and womanly inside and out!

Love and relationships, especially intimate relationships, can cause the greatest pleasure, or the greatest pain. We are emotional beings and our emotions drive our quality of life. People often feel a sense of failure if relationships don’t live up to the fairy tale or don’t live up to expectations. I’m was there too! What is hugely lacking is education, undertanding, mutual investment; rather there is a lot of misunderstanding and ignorance and often it feels as if one person is making all the effort.

The Confidence to Change-4


Most people don’t actually know what they want in life. They are experts in what they don’t want! Conditioning, following the system, lack of knowledge and low self belief or confidence are some of the reasons people stay stuck. Most of the time they will have dreams (not goals) and believe money stops them from doing anything about making those dreams become a reality. Making it, keeping it and growing it, are keys for making many of your dreams becomes goals and eventually manifest and become a reality. Yes, a lot of things don’t require money, but most do. As you will probably know, money is the top reasons most people argue and feel unhappy about. Consider for a moment, a life where your annual income becomes your monthly income. That doesn’t happen if you settle, limit your thinking or keep your dreams from popping up. Go chase your dreams! Strive for philanthropy!

My Goodness Gorgeous Me Transformation, helps women like you, to have:



turkeyIncredible internal health, vitality, energy and fertility awareness. I call it Lush! Nature does take it’s course, yet we now know so much more about cellular health, longevity and reversing ageing,  illnesses and conditions defying conventional medical opinion. I love learning about this and sharing and amongst other things, I have trained in raw cuisine, lost 20kg through detoxing and healing (and that’s not easy coming from a culture where curry is king!) So I’ve had to learn about nutrition, hormones, food psychology and why dieting will never work. I also found myself learning about fertility, something we all take for granted, until you find out ‘there’s a problem’ and priorities suddenly change. If this resonates, I’m happy to share my journey and experiences and help. I trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a certified holistic health coach and worked with specialists in the fascinating and ground-breaking field of anti-ageing, stem cell technology and celluar renewal and look forward to sharing all with you!



romeBe confident, look stunning, have a healthy self-esteem, be happy in your own skin. This is all about Love. I’ve always been a girly girl, love makeup, experimenting with colour and styles. But when weight started creeping on, or a relationship ended, or some other self-sabotaging experience occured, I found myself hiding away in black, baggy clothes, and lived in jeans and trainers. Ovecoming all of that, after immersing myself in learning some powerful mindset shifts trained as a relationship coach, to work on the inner stuff and as a colour coach, to look fabulous on the outer! The first thing people notice about you is how you look and the energy you transmit. Extrovert or introvert, it doesn’t matter what your personality type is, confidence and self belief is what moves us forward or holds us back. I’m back to loving looking more youthful, being playful & living more of life and I can show you how too.



dominican republicThe wealth of heart, mind and purseLoaded. Now that’s fresh thinking. Before becoming a coach, I was a high school math teacher and though not everyone’s favourite subject, I loved it! I used to hear “I can’t do maths” or  “my mum was never any good at maths” and it made me really think about beliefs and how we hold ourselves back in life. It lead me to think about my own passions in life and what I really wanted to do to make a change. I discovered the power of NLP and trained as an NLP trainer, hypnotherapist, and other related therapies for fast change. Helping people discover their passions & be free of past baggage isn’t enough. Our best thinking got us where we are today. So, what will your tomorrow look like?

Health education and bio-individuality, being yourself and loving who you are, creating goals, with a plan for financial freedom and philanthropy.  The Goodness Gorgeous Me difference.


  What I love:

presentingAs you can tell, I’m a bit of a personal development nut, love healthy stuff, voluteering globally with anything to do with kids and the world of business. I love experimenting with new yummy recipes (especially raw & anything with chocolate), chill out doing pottery or painting & have fun making my own natural beauty products. I’m also a bit of a chic geek, love problem solving, anything mathsy & fascinated with quantum physics, cellular technology and neurosciences. Left & right brain working together, yeahh! Music lifts me, and also grounds me (enjoy the link when you Contact Me). I’m a keen amateur when it comes to yoga, singing & boxing! A work in progress, just like you and constantly learning, improving and sharing.

I started Goodness Gorgeous Me to help women like you  in this exciting phase of life, with all that talent and energy, looking for more, but maybe not clear on what or how. This really is a fabulous time, so let’s get chatting!

My passion is to help you live a Goodness, Gorgeous, Me life. Where nothing can stop you. To help you reach your goals in health, love and money. Having goals are great, but the plan and the strategy and the vehicle is another, and with support and accountability I can help you get there faster.  I share the secrets of what I have learned after investing, conservatively, over a hundred thousand pounds in my own education and from my millionaire mentor friends, to become financially free and to live the life of my dreams.

I share the latest education and breakthroughs in science and mindset technology to reduce stress,  let go and heal the past, boost self confidence, nurture relationships. Cleanse from the inside out in mind, body and soul; blast away procrastination and feelings of not being enough, and let the playful, creative and awesome you shine bright again.

If, you like me, got to your mid 30s or 40s and wondered “Hang on! There’s got to be more to life than this..” and you immersed yourself in work, family or business then one day realised you’d forgotten yourself, then check out my Work With Farah page to see how I can help you regain your Goodness and Gorgeousness once more. 

Click here & book in your trial consultation. See how I work one-on-one with women like you & help you rediscover your mojo.


Begin the Transformation.

To your Goodness and Gorgeousness,

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