6 Steps To Supercharge Your Goal Getting

In my last post, I gave you 10 tips for your Goal Setting. I’m adding 6 added points here, for you to become a Goal Getting Machine!

Here are the 6 steps:

1. Have a vision/dream/success board.

Get playful and creative cutting up pictures from magazines or words which inspire you, illustrating your desires. A good idea is to impose a picture of your face on that ideal body, in that dream car, so you are actually IN the picture. A visual representation of how you see your life. These are all the things you want your subconscious to really take in, in order to deliver those things into your life.  Put the vision board somewhere you can see it everyday. You will notice it in your peripheral vision as you walk by and can also study it and really notice what is there. An alternative is to create a board digitally and have it as the wallpaper on your computer or phone. You can even create one on pintrest which is great fun. I personally love the act of sitting on the floor with a pile of magazines, glue and scissors. It is much more fun to do this exercise with friends or your kids! Keep a version in your success journal too. You will find over time, those things will manifest.

2. Write out your Perfect Day.

If time didn’t matter, money didn’t matter, what would that day look like? I have done this exercise a number of times and now, my Perfect Day is so clear in detail, and consistent. My subconscious mind has stored the future memory. Writing it down, letting the pen flow and being as detailed and specific as you can with times, people, places is key. What do you have for breakfast, what do you do all day, what can you hear, who are you with etc., get clear with writing out your Perfect Day hour by hour until the moment you go to bed. It should make you feel good. Pin that up as well.

3. Here’s where the magic happens – read out loud, TWICE a day your goals.

Aloud once a day is great, twice, you will get a lot more results.If you don’t read them out at all, results will start to dwindle and you will lose focus. Reading them out aloud is very, very important. There is a vibrational energy you emit as you vocalise what you want. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. It just hears your perfect life. Remember the goals must be specific and in the present, as if you are living it right now, as if you are already doing it, living there, with that perfect partner, in that specific state of good health or whatever your goals maybe.

4. Now go a step further than step 3, and Record yourself saying those goals out loud.

Add passion, really feel how you would feel when they happen and record yourself on your smart phone. This action takes a minute or two, depending on your goals, yet returns are manyfold. Do this step! It really makes you want to take action as you hear yourself

5. Listen to your recording as you go for a walk, when you are driving, whilst in the gym, before you go to bed. It isn’t weird, honestly!


Sure, the little voice in your head which likes to shoot you down will think it’s silly but your subsconscious mind takes it on board and believes it is true, and so it will be. Most people don’t even know what they want, let alone write goals, let alone create a vision board or a perfect day, so to go beyond mediocrity, these few extra steps make a huge, huge difference.

6. Get Accountable.

Tell someone your goals. Tell someone who is supportive, or tell everyone, or post your goals on facebook, whatever suits you, but make sure there is someone else besides you, who is aware of your goals and what you want in life. Get a coach. Join a mastermind group. Find a mentor. Personal development changes your life. This is so, so powerful. It’s a funny thing, we tend to do the things we said we would if someone is holding us accountable.

Now. put all of these steps together and Boom! You are a goal getter extraordinaire! Of course, and it is an obvious, yet crucial point- you  need to Believe it can and will and already has happened.

As January comes to a close, review, be thankful and congratulate yourself for your achievenemts and the steps you have taken so far. If you feel there is more you could have done, let it go. Tomorrow is a new day and now, with a formula for Getting your goals,  put the steps into place and just watch and see how things develop and turnaround in the weeks/ months/years ahead.

Which of these 6 steps are you doing already? Will you do all 6 together? I LOVE hearing your comments, so share below! You are so awesome and I’m thankful you share your wisdom and thoughts here on this blog. Here’s to making 2014 truly your best year yet 🙂


To your goodness and your gorgeousness,

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  1. I really love the idea of writing out your perfect day! Sure, I’ve dreamed and thought about it from time to time, but I never really made it real by writing it down. I usually think about it in those rare moments that I’m actually experiencing a “perfect” day. It for sure always starts with the best morning with breakfast, a walk, and a chat with the boyfriend.

    Thanks for reminding us to put our hopes and dreams out there!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thx for your comments 🙂 Writing your dream/perfect day is delightful thing to do, and you feel really integrated becuse you are in the picture. Of course, everyday could be an experience of a perfect day, and what you describe sounds lovely! Its just about locking in that ideal movie in your subconscience, recalling it everytime you read it and inspiring you to keep moving towards those hopes and dreams 🙂

  2. Such a great way to manifest desires and reach goals. I’ve made vision boards and even made a Mind Movie with images of my vision so I could watch it every morning and be reminded of my goals, but I never thought to record an audio so I think that’s the next step for me!

    • Hi Jennifer! A mind movie sounds incredible! Did you actually film yourself or do you mean a slideshow of your perfect day? either way, it sounds great! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. LOVE these steps, farah! my vision board has been a very important part of my world the past 3 years. this year i made it bigger and bolder than ever before! (what a great idea to put your own face on it.) i’ve been experimenting with the best way to stay on top of my goals, trying different tactics for 2014, and your posts have been very helpful.

    • Hey April 🙂 It’s great to update a vision board, for sure, expecially when the visions start manifesting!I am so pleased my posts have helped, I look forward to hearing how your 2014 turns out x

  4. This is great! I’ve only just done a vision board! I’ll try this today. It makes sense, from a scientific standpoint, you are reconditioning your mind to believe in this new reality!

    • Yes Vivian, it’s really using all your senses, not just visual. Consistency to do it daily is the thing, it takes very little time too, yet the effects over time are well worth it because you make it so! Have fun!

  5. Great post!

    I just made my first vision board EVER a few days ago… and shared it literally with the world through social media BUT I’m going to make a practice of reciting my goals daily.


  6. Wow, these are some cool tips I’d never heard before. I think I definitely need to try recording myself, and listening to it later. That sounds like it could be a really big boost in terms of motivation – becoming my own personal coach! 😉

  7. Hello Farah! Thank you for sharing these tips. You’re right, we write similar types of posts but WOW you REALLY know how to control the subconscious mind. I am definitely going to start implementing the steps of reading my goals twice a day, the vision board and listening to the recording. They are simple yet powerful steps. Thank you for sharing such great tips. And you have a great idea for the blog, I LOVE your headline! xo Stacey

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