Wedding Show

Last weekend was a great day for Colour Coaching. On Sunday, we had a stand at a Wedding Fayre in Enfield, Middlesex, UK.

It was very exciting, setting up our stand, decorating it with posters, flowers, fabulous colour swatches, and gorgeous seasonally created makeup. The wedding fayre had plenty of what you would expect, photographers, cake makers, car hire, gowns, entertainment, flowers and venue hire – and us!

Understandably, people asked us what we do and what our stand was all about.

It was wonderful to explain to brides-to-be and the bridal party how colour coaching can help them. By expertly and professionally having a colour consultation and selecting complementary makeup, the bride can only look even more fabulous and confident on the day. Not only that, she will know how to shop happy for the evening, the honeymoon and long after the wedding! Her devine Arabesque makeup can be given to her makeup artist for application on the Big Day, for a stunning, flawless finish and rich, lasting yet gentle natural pigments, for beautiful photography. Then she can use the range herself daily!

I would have loved to have known about colour coaching and Dr Grandel skin care and Arabesque makeup when I was getting married.  I gave myself a generous budget for skin care, makeup and the bridal makeover and browsed the high end cosmetic counters for products. To be honest, if I liked a colour, I bought it. Only to later discover neon blue or sage green eyeshadow really does nothing for me. The chemically created creams and lotions to plump, minimise or smooth out, strangely drew me in, as clever marketing always does. Funny how we think having an expensive known brand in the bathroom will impress and how this bizarrely overtakes our natural instinct to actually take care of our skin, treat it gently and use natures products.

The show was a great success, we had a prize draw, where one lucky visitor won over £50 of Dr Grandel skin care products! There was lots of interest in the colour coaching party experiences too; an absolute bargain for those attending the show. Plus, it’s not just for women! I spoke to a couple of grooms-to-be too. The colour coaching and skin care is perfect for men and women! Looking good, feeling confident, being healthy is for all! Great nutrition is key, and mind education.

Overall, the sun was shining, everyone was in a good mood, excited.. a great day. I’m looking forward to doing another wedding show soon!

To your goodness and gorgeousness! 








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