10 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid!

  1. Blindly giving in to lust …won’t necessarily get you the relationship you want!  Sexual chemistry is just one of the ways in which we resonate with someone.  Soulmates usually have chemistry in more ways than one – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual – so take time to get to know more of the person.
  2. Opening your heart too soon…we all want to be loved, but avoid jumping in too quickly even if you are getting all the right signals. If someone is showing interest in you, take time to get to know them so that you are sure you want to open your heart to them.
  3.  Getting hurt or fearing getting hurt again….people date for different reasons. Making the right choice for the right reasons on a date will help prevent you getting hurt. Not everyone is the same! No two experiences are the same. Give it a chance.
  4. Being over- or under-flirtatious….both can give the wrong messages!  If you like who you are and are accepting of who you are not, then you can simply relax and enjoy being you with confidence – and this is what people will be attracted to.
  5. Being judgemental, closing the door too soon……avoid making premature judgments of people based on how they look, the things they might say, how they speak, even their choice of film or restaurant!  These first impressions are not all of whom the person is, so take time to find out more about who they are. 
  6. Talking (about yourself) too much or too little……….strike a balance between being chatty about yourself and your opinions, and being curious about the other person.  It will show that you can listen and be interested in others, as well as being able to contribute to a conversation.
  7. Over-promising/lying/exaggerating……..you’ll be found out in the end – and not be trusted! Don’t hide behind a mask. Be authentic. Always. Be loved for who you are.
  8. Being too pleasing/controlling………If you mostly put the other person’s needs first and ignore your own, then this doormat behaviour can lead you to becoming resentful, angry and burnt out. On the contrary, if you mostly want to do things your way (and get annoyed when the other person doesn’t oblige) this can be equally hazardous to relationships.  Remember, your needs are 100% important, the other person’s needs are 100% important, and so are the needs of the circumstances or situation.  It can help to take all these into account to try and achieve a win/win situation.
  9. Blaming & not being able to let go of the past…………is making the other person wrong and responsible for something you’re unhappy about. It’s best to let people know what effect their behaviour has had on you, and how you feel, as their intention might not have been to upset you in the first place.
  10. Lacking in energy, drive & inspiration….If you have given up hope of ever having that magical relationship, feel you have missed the boat, are on the shelf and that life is passing you by…then you need to wake up, shake up and change your outlook, otherwise you really will miss out. Find what inspires you and start loving life.




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