10 Reasons Why Being Part Of A Couple Is The New Cool

1. Think Beckhams, The Pits, Beyonce and Jay Z, William and Catherine… being part of a couple makes you feel grown up. You have arrived,

2. Someone to cuddle up to on the sofa, and kiss first thing and last thing. Safe sex whenever you are in the mood, pretty much guaranteed.

3. You make an effort to look fabulous, and it’s so worth it when it’s noticed. Likewise ‘au natural’ is oh so comfortable too and it’s such a relief to be yourself!

4. Chosen carefully, he /she will be your ying to your yang. Someone to complement you. Though we are complete and whole in ourselves, see your partner as your bonus.

5. Babies look so cute suddenly…

6. You have a dance partner, even if you are a rubbish dancer they will dance with you. No more wallflower.

7. Someone to drive you home, someone to pick you up. Someone who cares for your wellbeing. Someone who will  nurse you through a cold and massage your feet (well, we can but dream…).

8. Someone who doesn’t care how your bum looks (he’s just grateful you picked him!)

9. Someone who buys you things because you want them.

10. Someone to share the highs and the lows. Your sounding board. Someone who gives a damn. Someone who misses you when you are not there. Someone to bear witness you exist and share each day with.



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