Be Ageless! Its About Attitude, Not Age!


The Confidence to Change-4

Look Amazing, Feel Aligned, Make Money 

– Your Life, Your Way


Hey Gorgeous!

They say life beings at 40 and ain’t that the truth! (You may be younger, or older or even a very cool guy! You are very welcome here!). 40 seems to be that pivotal number, where you start seeking, and want positive, often radical change. This is the time of life things really start happening, the way you want it.

“Those who succeed in an outstanding way seldom do so before the age of 40. More often, they do not strike their real pace until they are well beyond the age of 50.”

― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich


You’re smart. You’ve got the education. You’ve launched the career. But want more. You might be an entrepreneur, assessing where you want to go. You’re not sure exactly what it is or what it looks like.. You seem busy, but often feel like it’s going nowhere. You need money to make your goals happen and no idea where it’s going to come from.

You’re missing that sparkle and confidence you had in your 20s. Your love life is flat, (you wish your stomach was) and you’re just not having the fun you used to have. You feel helpless in a sea of problems and don’t like it one bit! You know you know stuff, but somehow it’s not happening. Your life is at a crossroads, and you’re not sure which way to turn.

You want to be heard!!!! You have tried a myriad of programs, online, offline, groups, seminars, masterminds, mentoring, yet somehow as great as they are, you crave the 121 of another person coaching you, getting you and having solutions you can go with. Someone who appreciates how you tick, your personality, not some cookie cutter program or a one size fits all!! At Goodness Gorgeous Me, I hear you! I’m proud of my innovative blend of coaching 121 and shifting you to a Breakthrough. Finally! You’re in the right place!

Welcome to Goodness Gorgeous Me! I’m Farah Siddiqui-Borland and I have been where you are! A success in my professional life as a high school teacher (mathematics) and senior leader, I felt something was missing and wanted to discover me, what was holding me back and how to make my life even more fulfilled, free from work restrictions and give ‘me’ some time, energy and focus. Change was needed but after a steady career, making the leap was scary! I also wanted more love in my life, kids, and get rid of the stubborn extra weight which had somehow crept on. I studied from the best mentors and leaders in their field and developed mind and body changing experiences I am excited to share with you here!

The Confidence to Change-4


Super You! Scrumptious, Sexy, Strong


Want To Change Your Relationship With Food?

Emotional eating? Want to learn about superfoods, cutting out sugar,want to give up a food you are addicted to? What are the health issues you want to change? Poor sleep, digestion, skin issues, hormonal issues, belly fat or lack in energy? Look youthful. Click on Goodness:


Confident You! Glam, Glow, Get


Want To Be A Better Public Speaker Or Present Yourself More Confidently And Have Amazing Relationships? 

Lacking in confidence or have low self-esteem?  Are you putting youself last and don’t make much time for self care and me-time?  Worried about looking older than you are?  Do you want to get back your sexy? Feel Aligned. Click on Gorgeous:


Successful You! Meaning, Money, Move 


What Do You Really Want To Do With Your Life? Are You Living It?

Any idea how to get from where you are to where you want to be without falling down the gap? Do you have the money or a gameplan to make the money to get to live your dreams and reach your goals? What do you want and why? What do you stand for, what energises you and lights you up and what have you been holding back from? Make Money. Click on Me:

This is what you  must do –

Breakthrough Blocks, Old Beliefs & Bad Stories. Shine in Your Brilliance!




Less Of The Stories Holding You Back! It’s Time To Change!


Using  coaching, psychology, neuro-linguistics and other powerful  mindshift technologies, and intuitive heart based processes, I can help you get the transformations you’re looking for. More than that, working together, I will protect you, look out for you and help and guide you to make those shifts and realise those dreams, goals and ambitions.

I’ve transformed my life and have coached countless others to do the same. Now let’s help you get back your mojo, in your health, relationships, money and purpose. Peel back the layers,  reveal more of the true, Brilliant you too!

The Confidence to Change-4

What Happens When You Have The Confidence To Change And

Live your Goodness Gorgeous Me Life:


  • Transform your relationship with food, with loved ones and more importantly, with yourself
  • Learn to step into your gorgeousness and your brilliance and have the confidence and support to make those changes, letting go of the baggage, blocks and beliefs which are no longer serving you
  • Have beautiful skin, naturally, make the most of your physical appearance and image. How we look can really affect self esteem. Defy ageing naturally!
  • Start that new business you always wanted or creative project or community work or make that big dream happen
  • Fit into that little black dress or boost your self-esteem and turn on the sexy you!
  • Be in a better position to help others transform their life too, by your example of gorgeousness
  • Inspire you teenage daughter, neice, nephew, son! Show them what is possible and be an even more fantastic role model
  • Finally have a money plan and build long term wealth to really do those things you want to do. Volunteering overseas? Write a book? Travel more?
  • Where else are you stuck? It’s time to get unstuck, free yourself and be Wow again!

It’s time to start believing, feel connected, empowered and beautiful again. You’re already well on your way,  just by being right here; the right place at the right time.

I can’t wait to share some awesome stuff with you and help you in your Goodness and your Gorgeousness!


Begin the Transformation.

To your Goodness and your Gorgeousness,


Farah Siddiqui

The Confidence to Change-4